Notable Kin

Selected Confirmed Relationships
These are a few notable kin for whom I have confirmed our relationship. Notability has been simply defined as notable enough for a Wikipedia page. I am limiting this to deceased individuals, or living individuals with a greater level of notability.
  • Sid Wyman - Casino owner, Poker Hall of Fame - 1st Cousin, twice removed (Shared ancestors: Morris Blatt and Chaia Beila Boksern)
  • David Blatt (Jay Black) - Performer, Jay and the Americans - 2nd cousin twice removed (Shared ancestors: Yankiel Blatyta and Perl Kipersztok) 
  • Victor Gold - Journalist, Speechwriter - 1st cousin twice removed (Shared ancestors: Samuel Newmark and Rose Cantkert)
  • Dale Van Every - Screenwriter, Novelist - 3rd Cousin, twice removed (Shared ancestors: David Van Every and Sarah Showers)
  • John Kerry - Senator - 9th Cousins (Shared ancestors: Capt. Richard Betts and Joanna Chamberlain)
  • Patrick Swayze - Actor - 7th Cousins  (Shared ancestors: Judge Samuel Swayze and Penelope Horton)
Alleged Relationships

Below is a table of the alleged notable cousins from Ancestry's We're Related mobile app

I indicate the furthest I have researched back my alleged ancestry, and how many generations there are left to research to get to the alleged shared ancestor. I am sorting by the closest confirmed ancestor, and the degree of our alleged relationship (Formula: Nth cousin + # times removed). Except in rare instances, the accuracy of the celebrity ancestry is unknown, and I'm unlikely to research.

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