Saturday, October 13, 2007

My type of blogging

Terry and Randy have been thinking about acronyms and what type of blogger they are. I like acronyms. It may be in my genes.

When I first started a personal blog, back in 2002, I called it Politics, Religion and Drew Barrymore. If I had added the topic of "Insanity", I could have called my type of blogging: DRIP. I won't discuss my next title for the blog, but the initials were PBFIW. Not much you can spell with that. (Pfiwb?)

While the acronym fits, I am uncomfortable with adopting the HOGS moniker, even though Terry assures one commenter pork posts aren't a requirement. I definitely like the "Tribe" in Randy's GHOST. But I don't view myself as a "Ghost blogger" either. I do write under my own name, after all. And while most of those who get mentioned here are no longer living, that's not universally the case. I considered possibilities for the letter "N". It's the first letter of my surname, for example. I could take a picture of a pair of shoes for a logo. (Other possibilities for logos came to mind, too, but they wouldn't have been family appropriate.)

Instead, because of my love for the English language, I fell upon G.H.O.T.I. Some of my posts here are just about as Insane as they are on my personal blog, and I believe all my stories fall under one of the other categories. So in honor of the genius of George Bernard Shaw1, for Klingons everywhere, and because in my short time as a family history researcher I've learned the importance of knowing how to spell phonetically: I choose to be a GHOTI blogger.

1 I know that GBS claimed he didn't invent the spelling, but he did popularize it.

(the original image came from the US Fish and Wildlife public domain image website)


Randy Seaver said...


But you didn't pronounce GHOTI or provide a link for readers to go fishing for the word.

So now, when someone says "what in the world are you doing," you can reply "ghoti-ing"

Drew Barrymore? You must be relatively young... What turned you on to DB? Star Wars?

PBFIW? Hmmm. Poetry, Bowling, Finances (probably not...), Insanity and Writing?

You are eclectic, aren't you?

John said...

I figured it's easy to look up. And I did provide a picture.

Relatively, yes. Though I am 7 years older than her. It's less of an issue than it once may have been.

DB wasn't in Star Wars. She was in ET, but way too young then. A little more older in Firestarter, but still too young.

I try to be. Eclectic, that is.

Terry Thornton said...

Eclectic. Yes --- spoken as a true HOGS blogger! I liked Randy's acronym, GHOST, and I think your GHOTI has an element that we all share! In any event, I've listed you as a HOGS blgging Ghoti!

Terry Thornton
Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi