Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Carnival of Genealogy

The 38th Carnival of Genealogy has been posted. Several people were better able to remember what happened on December 31, 1999 or December 31, 2000 than I was. Susan Kitchens, of Family Oral History using Digital Tools, has been blogging since then. I started blogging in 2002, but reading her entry I recalled that I purchased my own domain name in early 2000. Alas, it was in February. So I still don't know what I was doing a month earlier.

The 39th Carnival is our New Year's Resolutions with respect to genealogy research.

As the year winds to a close in the next couple weeks it's a good time to review the progress made in our genealogy research and to make a plan for next year. So what did you accomplish last year and what road blocks did you encounter? What are your research goals for next year and how do you resolve to attain them?
While I am in the Caribbean from this Friday until December 30th, I will give this some thought, and I'll write those thoughts up when I return.


Terry Thornton said...

Have a rip-snorting good time in the Caribbean --- and maybe think of the rest of us huddled by the fire trying to stay warm.

Terry Thornton, Hill Country

Jasia said...

The Caribbean? Lucky you!

Sunshine, palm trees, warm ocean breezes... I'm green with envy!

Thanks for getting the word out about the COG. I always appreciate it!

Have a great time!