Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Five

Randy at Geneamusings had Census Fun with Christmas Names, and I realized something.

I haven't done a Friday Five in awhile. (A Friday Five is where I list the names of five individuals from various databases at on a related theme)

1. In the 1860 census there was a Menorah Longnecker, age 7, in Cleveland OH
2. In May of 1828 Menorah Robertson married Caroline Salmons in Richmond, GA (Georgia Marriages)
3. In the 1930 census there was a 26 year old Simon Maccabee in Chicago, IL
4. In the 1910 Pennsylvania Miracode there was a 57 year old Elizabeth Dreidel
5. In the 1910 census in California there was a 1 year old Hanuka Wycki

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