Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekly Picks

Weekly Picks for December 27 - January 3

Lee Drew at FamHist in Full Circle or Infinite Loop writes about discovering his old data online, with the errors he had since corrected, and considers whether the internet will preserve and spread our mistakes, as well as discusses the problems of copying/stealing the work of others without verifying the information.

Baroque in Hackney has a detailed post on a descent from the poet John Milton, and if you aren't aware of what famous American personage is descended from the poet, you are likely to be surprised.

Old Picture of the Day has a photograph of some Titanic survivors on the Carpathia.

The Daily History Dose is a new blog sharing stories of a few events daily that happened on that day of the year.

Randy Seaver at Geneamusings reminds us that the World War II collection at Footnote is still available for free for a limited time.

Finally, Randy also discovered The Mom Song on YouTube, and it is awesome in its accuracy.

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