Sunday, June 21, 2009

Surname Wordle

It's only been a few months since I did a Surname Wordle, but my database has undergone some growth since then.

Wordles create 'word clouds' where the more frequent a word appears in the submitted text, the larger it will be shown. So it seemed natural to input a list of surnames generated from my database - to see visually which family names are the most represented.

(Click to englarge)

Some of this is a little misleading. Early on I added my seventh cousin, Patrick Swayze, to my database, and to do so I had to input seven generations of Swayzes. The most distant Cruvant/Kruvant cousins in my database are fourth cousins, and the most distant Van Every cousins are fifth cousins. "Cohen" as a surname isn't exactly misleading, except it is a surname that appears in several lines, and the families aren't necessarily closely related to each other. There is even one branch of the Cruvant/Kruvant family that changed their name to Cohen.

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