Friday, July 23, 2010

Xmas in July

As Wikipedia says: "Christmas in July celebrations may be held in July to provide a second joyful celebration in the year."  Many of those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate the arrival of winter weather commonly associated with Christmas, and many of those in the Northern Hemisphere start to miss that winter weather, as they are sweltering in the summer heat.

While the comic below originally appeared in December of last year, I find it a perfect fit for this post. 

Click on the image to go to the comic, and read the "mouseover" text.

I should note, the comic doesn't fit 'me' very well.  I do observe the gift giving aspects of December's Christmas, and I'm not a physicist, but I still find it humorous.

For those interested in understanding the physics behind the comic:
"Schrödinger's Cat" shouldn't be confused with "Schrödinger the Cat" -- who, when I last observed him, was sitting on a chair a few feet away from me.  Yep, still there.

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    Martin said...

    You must be a fan of the Big Bang Theory. I am.

    John said...

    Yes, the show is one of my current favorites.