Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekly Genealogy Picks

Weekly Genealogy Picks --August 27 to September 4
from genealogy blogs, newspaper articles and elsewhere

Kimberly Powell at Genealogy reminds us Don't Always Believe What You Read in the Newspaper.

Sherry Lindsay at ProGenealogists discusses the importance of remembering the reason a record was created.  As much as we may wish it were otherwise, most documents weren't created with genealogists in mind.

Pam Schaffner at Digging Down East discovers and illustrates a useful Excel timeline template.

Randy Seaver at GeneaMusings explores The Learning Center, one of's free offerings.

On Open Thread Thursday at Geneabloggers Thomas MacEntee asked some questions regarding The Content Wars.  The discussion that followed in the comments is worth reading.

NARAtions announces that the National Archives has over 300,000 Alien Case Files - indexed at the ARC and searchable, but you will still need to order the copies.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti at Tracing the Tribe discusses Disney's upcoming genealogy tv show for kids

The National Genealogical Society's YouTube Channel has posted a five minute video by genealogist, Elizabeth Shown Mills, discussing in part how we should never assume our ancestry is limited to 1 or 2 ethnicities: We Are All Cousins

Press Releases
(In some cases multiple blogs have posted these press releases, but I have chosen one representative.)

FamilyTreeDNA pours some water on recent news stories discussing Hitler's Black/Jewish ancestry.   (Tracing The Tribe)

The National Genealogical Society announces a new Education Manager.  I am proud to say that the new Education Manager is from my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  (Upfront with NGS)

Life Stories of Ellis Island Immigrants available at Ancestry.  (MoSGA Messenger)

Ancestry's Immigration Collection is available for Free Access through Monday. (Dear Myrtle)

FamilyTreeMaker 2011 is introduced (Heritage Happens)

Genealogy Carnivals

The 97th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy has been published.  Nine participants chronicled what they were able to find in 2-3 hours online for a person they hadn't researched previously.  Details for the 98th edition are revealed.

The September 2010 edition of the Graveyard Rabbit Carnival has been published, with discussions of celebrity graves. 

Blogging/Social Networking/Technology

Blogger introduces Blogger Stats.  (So far, I am preferring Blogger Stats to my Analytics report, even though both are produced by Google.)

A.C. Ivory at FindMyAncestors reviews a mobile flatbed scanner.  It's not available yet, but can be pre-ordered.  (Shipping is said to begin in October.)

WIRED magazine explains the hidden connection between e-readers and sheep. 

Upcoming Holidays

Work in Progress, the official blog of the US Department of Labor, discusses The First Monday of September. (AKA Labor Day)

Tablet Magazine presents the video "Apples and Honey" for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year

The MoSGA Messenger reminds us Talk Like a Pirate Day is approaching! Ahoy!
Other Weekly Lists
The genealogy bloggers below provide their selections for the week - many different from my own. 
Amanuensis Monday: August 30th participants
[Amanuensis Monday is a weekly blogging theme I began in February of 2009, where participants transcribe letters, audio, and other documents.  Why I do this.]
If you participated, but don't appear on this list, please, let me know.

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