Thursday, February 10, 2011

One World Tree

I've had some fun before posting strange relationships from Ancestry's OneWorldTree

Lucille Ball being the grandmother of her husband, Desi

Catherine the Great being the 19th great grandmother of Henry David Thoreau (even though less than 100 years separate their births.)

But doing some 'fun' research for a friend I came across something new.  This is the supposed relationship of my friend's ancestor Aaron Baldwin, with Henry David Thoreau.  (One line of the genealogy chart ran off the page -- Aaron and Henry would have been next.)

If you click through the empty boxes, you get a message something like, "this person doesn't exist in One World Tree."

Apparently, OneWorldTree allows you to say Person A is the grandparent of Person B, and indicate that a non-existent person fits inbetween.  And as you can see on the right, they also allow "great-grandparent."  I wonder what maximum number of 'missing steps' are permitted.

(Note: Aaron Baldwin's middle initial is most definitely M, but the parents of Aaron P on OneWorldTree match my research.)


Anonymous said...

Have seen many creative genealogies on various sites. It seems the more famous the individual one wants to be related to, the more creative people are in finessing facts to get them to fit.

John said...

My biggest issue with OneWorldTree is that it is a product of As the alleged 'Top Dog' in the genealogy biz they shouldn't be promoting its use.

There at least ought to be a way to flag the obviously incorrect linkages so that they are removed.