Friday, July 5, 2013

C-Span Video - For Genealogists

Back in 2010 C-Span uploaded almost its entire video library - covering 23 years, and they have added to it since then. All accessible online for free.

One could spend days (months, years) reliving history. C-Span isn't only Congressional Hearings, and I found several things that might be of interest to genealogists and family historians.
It's also useful to search any database for family members. I have several close and distant relatives who have appeared on C-Span, at least briefly. At least one cousin appears in over a dozen separate programs. (He is a political pundit, and a former presidential campaign advisor, so it's not surprising.) While it is free to watch the videos online, C-Span does charge a minimal download fee. It appears to be $0.99 for most hour-length videos.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. I might actually watch something on C-Span without a gun pointed at my head.