Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Updates to Family History Documents

I updated the Family History Documents page, adding a couple of new discoveries.

1) Mary Blackadar Piersol's book, Records of the Van Every Family; United Empire Loyalists (1947) is now available online. The copy that was scanned was a copy that the owner had handwritten a few notes, including additional names.

2) Sixty Years in Southern California (1853-1913), containing the reminiscences of Harris Newmark (1916) is also available online. [It's unclear if I am related to this family, however, a few individuals are mentioned in this work who were briefly in St. Louis, but left before my ancestors arrived.]

3) I updated the link to an article by Gary Boyd Roberts on Notable Descendants of the Immigrant Stoughton Siblings of Massachusetts. (I've updated this link a few times. The New England Historic Genealogical Society seems to have a habit of reorganizing their website.)

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