Sunday, September 26, 2021

Timeline for William Sliver Denyer (1834 - circa 1896)

Earlier this month I wrote about my 2nd great grandfather's brother, William Sliver Denyer. I had found his Civil War Pension file, which mentioned both a widow, Sarah E Denyer, and a guardian of a minor, Nancy Denyer. I identified Nancy as his wife, and wasn't sure who Sarah was - wondering if she could be my second great grandmother, sister-in-law of William.

Since that post I have found the death certificate of Sarah E Denyer in Arkansas, indicating her maiden name was Trapp, and she was a third wife of William.

This is the timeline for William S Denyer I have from the documents

  • 1834 - William is born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • 1840 - William's mother, Elizabeth Sliver Denyer, dies in Gonzales, Texas (5 years before Texas joined the United States)
  • 1848 - William's father, William Denyer, dies in St. Martin, Louisiana
  • 1861 - William marries Susannah Dilly
  • 1861-1862 - William serves for the Confederacy.
  • 1863 - William's first wife, Susannah, dies.
  • 1864-1865 - William serves for the Union.
  • Feb 1865 - William marries Nancy Rhodes
  • Nov 1865 - Son Andre Denyer is born
  • 1880 - Pension is filed for minor, Nancy as guardian.
  • 1880 Census - William is married to Sarah. No child in the household.
  • 1886 - William files for a pension as an invalid
  • 1896 - Sarah files for a pension as a widow.
  • 1900 census - Son Andre has been married for 3 years.

It is a shame that the 1890 census was destroyed. Though hopefully Nancy and Andre can be found in the 1870 or 1880 census. It  does seem that there was a divorce and not a death in their case. Best guess for death of William would naturally be 1896, since I doubt it would take long for Sarah to file for a pension as a widow.

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