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Timeline for Selig Dudelczak Feinstein (1858-1915)

I've decided to create some timelines for my ancestors to organize the information I have on their lives.

Here is a timeline I have created for my second great grandfather, Selig Dudelczak Feinstein 

  • 1858-1862 Simcha Zelig (Selig) Dudelczak is born, likely somewhere in Volhynia, Ukraine.
    • Simcha means "Gladness" or "Joy" in Hebrew. Zelig means "Blessed" in Yiddish.
  • 1858 Brother, Yidel (Julius) born (Possible Twin)
  • 1860 Sister, Zlata (Lottie) born (Possible Twin)
  • 1868 Sister, Toba (Tillie) born
  • 1871 Sister, Bella (Rebecca) born
  • 1874 Sister Shprintze (Sylvia) born
  • 1883 Selig marries Nechama (Anna) Perlik (Source: 1900 census)
  • 1885 Son Shmuel Zvi (Harry Samuel) born. 
  • 1886 Son Chaim (Herman Max)  born 
  • 1888 Son Benjamin born 
  • 1889 Immigrates to US by self (Port of arrival: Castle Garden)
  • 1890 Wife, Children & Mother immigrate under the surname Feinstein 
  • 1890 Daughter, Pearl, born (Descendants share DNA with descendants of Selig’s siblings, so paternity is likely)
  • 1892 First appears in St Louis City Directory as a Shoer
  • 1893 Son, Morris, born
  • 1895 Son, David, born
  • 1896 Son, David, died 
  • 1898 Son, Aaron, born
  • 1898 Patents an improvement to fire hydrants with business partner Max Wieselman (who also immigrated from Volhynia)
  • 1899 Appears in City Directory as both Grocer and Blacksmith 
  • 1899 Son, Joseph, born
  • 1899 Vice President of new Tpheris Israel congregation
  • 1900 Blacksmith, residing at 1122 North Eighth Street, and according to the census, owner,
  • 1901 Opens Western Junk Shop - lasts until 1905
  • 1901 Daughter, Rose, born. Son, Joseph, died.
  • 1902-1913 Member of Progressive Order of the West fraternal organization
  • 1906 Mother, Gitel (Gertrude) died. 
  • 1906 Selig on Chesed Shel Emeth Society committee to build an Old Folks Home
  • 1906 Moves to 5600 Garfield. 
  • 1907 Sells property on Garfield to brother Julius Odelsohn
  • 1908 Opens real estate business with Son, Harry
  • 1910 Lives at 1941 Burd Ave
  • 1911 Selig & Anna purchase lot of Carr Primary School
  • 1911 Opens Central Laundry business with Son, Herman
  • 1912 Incorporates Famous Laundry
  • 1912 Charged with violating "Anti-Smoke Ordinances" at Central Laundry. (Coal smoke) 
  • 1914 Opens another laundry business with daughter, Pearl
  • 1915 Selig Feinstein died. 
  • 1915 Selig is recorded as donating $6 to Jewish Charitable & Educational Union
  1. I have yet to uncover a document with his date of birth. Years on documents vary. 
  2. No European vital records have been found so dates which appear on later records are less certain. 
  3. Between 1860-1868 it is likely other siblings were born. Family history suggests at least one named Gershon survived childhood and remained in the Ukraine as an adult. What happened to him is unknown.
  4. I do not know for certain where Selig (and his family) were between 1889-1892. They may not have moved to St. Louis until after everyone had immigrated.
  5. I have searched through deed indexes on microfilm, but have been unable to uncover the deed indicating Selig purchased 1122 North Eighth Street as the 1900 census suggests.  The vast majority of neighbors are listed as renters, and few addresses in the neighborhood have owners listed. Most owners of the tenements likely lived in other neighborhoods. Being a resident owner would have been unusual, but Selig's later interest in real estate might have started earlier. 
  6. He was possibly a member of the Progressive Order of the West fraternal organization prior to 1902, but that was the first year he appeared in the newspaper as a delegate to their annual convention. Similarly, he likely remained a member until his death.
  7. I have not uncovered Selig’s will so I don’t know if the donation was part of it or given before he died. A list of donations appeared in the newspaper. 
  8. I’ve found six occupations so far. Shoer, Blacksmith, Grocer, Junk Dealer, Real Estate Management, Laundry Management. 

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