Sunday, September 30, 2007

Family History Month

According to the 24/7 Family History Circle it's Family History Month, and they're going to post 5 questions each week on a weekly topic. They'll provide 5 default questions, but one can make up their own. There's also a good article on how to get beyond the fear of the blank page.

The five questions for the first week are on the topic: "School Memories" and since my 20th high school reunion was this past weekend, they seem very appropriate. I thought I'd post my answers.
  • What was your favorite subject in school?
There's no question my favorite subject was English. (Well, second to Lunch) Ever since my first grade teacher challenged the class to read as many books as we possibly could in one year. She insisted we weren't competing against anyone but ourselves, but somehow I learned that a girl who lived across the street had set the 'all time record' a few years before. She no longer had it at the end of the year, and I haven't stopped reading. (Though my pace has slowed down a little.) The school was closed, and the teacher retired, four years later, so my record will stand forever on a technicality.
  • In what extra-curricular activities did you participate? Sports? Drama? Music? Academics?
CrossX Debate, Original Oratory, Student Newspaper, and the Student Teacher Organization to Prevent (STOP) Nuclear War.
  • Did you go on field trips, and if so, what was your most memorable field trip?
In Junior High School there was a field trip to Nauvoo, IL, which is a 3 hour drive from St. Louis. I went to a public school, so this wasn't meant as religious instruction. However, we did learn about the history of Nauvoo, and Joseph Smith. A tourguide at Nauvoo gave everyone a copy of the Book of Mormon to take home, but I don't believe I ever read it. I think if the school did this today, there'd probably be complaints, but I didn't feel at all preached to. It was presented as a field trip where we could learn the history of a nearby town.
  • What teacher influenced you the most?
I'd have to say my first grade teacher, Mrs. Jones, - with that reading challenge.
  • Did you buy a lunch at school, or bring one from home? What kind of lunchbox? What was your favorite lunch?
I almost always bought a lunch at school. I always looked forward to pizza.

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