Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Five

There's a message hidden in the five names below from various census.
The message reveals what my plans for this weekend include.

Twenty Orton - 1900 census - Iron, UT - age 5
Year Smith - 1881 census - Middlesex, England - age 4
High Fields - 1860 census - Russell, AL - age 18
School Boy - 1930 census - El Paso, TX - age 28
Reunion Jones - 1930 census - Wetzel, WV - age 7


Randy Seaver said...


I love your Friday five concept. Quick. Easy. Funny!

Have fun at your TYFR - will you recognize anybody? Will anybody recognize you? I went to my 10 year and found very few of my friends there - most had moved away and were too busy to attend.

Cheers -- Randy

Anonymous said...


I was at my tenth too, and there weren't too many people, probably for the same reason, but this time around the RSVPs have been electronic, so I know who will be there in advance, and it looks like a good turnout.

Whether people recognize me depends upon their ability to add or subtract hair depending upon location. Otherwise, I think I look pretty much the same as I did 20 years ago.