Thursday, November 8, 2007

Conspiracy Theories

Several genea-bloggers are conspiring against me. That's how I view it at least. Here I create a separate blog for genealogy and family history, separate from my usual in(s)anity, and try to remain serious with the exception of an occasional Friday Five. And first there was Cow Hampshire's challenge back in September to have fun for a day, so I created a Hobbit Family Tree. That was OK. Didn't mind that.

And then Terry created H.O.G.S. blogs, so I created my G.H.O.T.I. logo in response. (pronounced 'fish' by the way)

And now Terry (again) has issued a photo challenge to all H.O.G.S. bloggers. Well, he did offer me membership into his club, even though I had declared myself a GHOTI, and I did accept. The challenge is to post a photo of one's self - dressed up as an adult in costume - and it should be a 'defining moment'.

Randy responded with a wedding photo...but I don't have that option, unfortunately. I could post a picture of myself at age 13 in suit and tie...and try to claim that the Law of Moses declared me an adult, but I know that would be stretching things. (sigh).

So I've made my choice of photos. Two of them. Together, they do a good job of defining me.

the first picture

This was taken in 1992 or 1993. I was in my mid-20s. That should be of sufficient adult-age. You can see I am wearing a Star Trek uniform, and I am sitting in front of a phone. In 1992 i joined Starfleet International, the Star Trek Fan Association. I was, and am a Trekkie. The local chapter has always been very active in community service (striving to make the future like the one we see on television) We were volunteering for the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I am still a member of the chapter.

Second photo

(I've smudged the faces of some innocent bystanders)

It's May 2002. I am 33 years old, and I am at a Renaissance Festival with the same group of Trekkies I've been with for the past 10 years. (We like to have fun in the future, present, and past.)

This is defining, because I lost my job in Feb of 2002. I was laid off from a place of work I had been at for ten years. Despite still being unemployed in May, I insisted on going to the Renaissance Festival with my friends. I was still going to have fun. (Note: I grew the beard you see in my blog's profile in 1994, and have kept it since. However, I shaved it off while looking for a job.)


Terry Thornton said...

John, Thanks for responding to the challenge with a BOGO! Trekkie and Jester! Buy one, get one free! LOL!

Beam me aboard! THANKS.
Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi (blog)

Janice said...

John, haha love the outfits. I'm linking to you from tomorrow's article.