Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ancestry and FamilyTreeMaker

My account expired at the beginning of the month, and I am already suffering withdrawal symptoms. One is able to search through the databases for free, and if you don't have "exact match" checked, they will provide names and locations. But, you can't view the image, or see some specifics like dates. And waiting until I get to the library isn't working well because I don't have a regular library routine.

Randy posted about the amazing deal he got through NothingButSoftware when he purchased FamilyTreeMaker.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I remember reading Randy's post back in October. The deal now isn't quite as good as it was then...but it's still good.

I ignored it a month ago --this is going to sound funny-- because I own a Mac. FamilyTreeMaker is PC only.

But let's see...Current Annual Ancestry Subscription: $155
NothingButSoftware Deal: FTM 16, a year of Ancestry, plus more software and books: $60. I can decrease that to 9 months of Ancestry, and pay only $30.

I could buy the package, sign up for Ancestry, and sell someone FTM16 (Or just give it to a friend. I'd still come out ahead.) It's possible Ancestry could balk at me extending my subscription over the phone as opposed to through the software. Randy was successful, but I wouldn't be calling the day my account expired.

I will be receiving a laptop with a Linux OS within about a month. I know Windows can usually be installed on Linux...though I don't really want to do that. And since this isn't the most powerful computer, I'm not sure how well Windows will run on it, or even if it will. (it's the XO laptop being shipped to children in developing nations. For two weeks you can give one and get one.)

I suspect I will have an Ancestry subscription again in the not-too-distant future.


Randy Seaver said...


The way they recommend that you obtain the Ancestry subscription is through the link with FTM16 open. You can probably get it by calling Ancestry as I did (since I can't find my CDs for some reason!).

My understanding is that there is software for the Mac that emulates Windows and lets you use Windows programs. Is it "Connections?" One of my CVGS colleagues has it and has FTM on her Mac.

Cheers -- Randy

Anonymous said...

Yes...the newest Operating System has what they call "Boot Camp" which allows you to switch between Mac and Windows OS. However, you ned one of the newer Intel-based Macs.

Older Macs like I have can run some emulation software called Virtual PC. PC versions of Virtual PC (allowing you to have XP and Vista, for example, on one computer) are a free download. The Mac version isn't. When you add the cost of the the cost of XP software since that is separate, it's not worth it. Especially when I am happy with the Mac genealogy software I have found.

Anonymous said...

She might also have Remote Desktop Connection which is a free download it appears from Microsoft, and allows you to connect remotely to a Windows PC over a network. But that requires you to have a Windows PC to connect to. She might have a two computer household, and may have wanted to be able to access the PC from her Mac.

Chery Kinnick said...

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