Sunday, March 16, 2008

DNA testing comparisons

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy has comparison charts for several major genetic testing companies - for mtDNA and Y-DNA.

Price, # of base pairs/markers tested, and the length of DNA storage seem to me to be the most important factors. But even though I have read several articles on other blogs and websites over the past several months, it is still somewhat confusing making a choice.

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Jasia said...

Here's my two cents worth... If I were paying for a DNA test I would go to Family Tree DNA. The reason is because as I am researching my own mtDNA results I'm finding references to the FTDNA web site over and over again. The problem is, if you didn't test with them, you can't get access to the group projects and discussions within their site. DNA Heritage, the company that did my testing, has no where's near the amount of information available to it's participants that FTDNA does. Unfortunately, the comparison charts don't mention that.