Monday, March 3, 2008

Something to add to my resume

This weekend I received an envelope of childhood mementos from my parents. Included was the contract to the left, which no one ever told me about. However, even without knowledge, I believe I have held up my duties as defined by the contract, and it does say lifetime, so it should still be good. Now I just have to apply for the backpay that is clearly owed to me.


Jasia said...

Kewl! Now I can say I know someone on the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team! Can I have your autograph John?

David said...

Re: backpay

Yeah, but then you'll have to be randomly tested for performance enhancing drugs.

Randy Seaver said...


Of course they left off the remuneration part of the contract. My guess is that it was for "love of the game" and that you would have to pay them to get in to watch.

I wish I had somethingl ike that for my Padres. I've been a Padres fan much longer than that - since 1953!

Enjoy -- Randy