Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Janice, at CowHampshire, has challenged other GeneaBloggers to post Lolcats.

I have nothing against Lolcats, but there are two types of families with family pets. There are cat families, and there are dog families. (And then there are the rare families where cats and dogs have learned to live in peace together, and it is the owners of these pets we should be appointing as diplomats to foreign nations...but that's an argument for another post.) Anyway, my family has always been a dog family.

I am also going to violate another tradition of Lolcatdom, and the text in this picture isn't coming from the dog's mouth. It's coming from the invisible kid, but it's in the invisible kid's real handwriting, and real words, written down 34 years ago, and scanned in from a scrapbook tonight.

Elsewhere in the scrapbook the kid mentions Daisy as a dog, so the kid probably wasn't confused. This is likely his first known recorded usage of a metaphor (age 5). And as April is National Poetry Month, it seems appropriate.

Yes, the invisible kid is me. Daisy was half Springer Spaniel, half Poodle, and probably the most intelligent dog I've ever known. All the dogs I've known have had their own special qualities, but Daisy cornered the market on intelligence. She even taught herself, without any assistance, how to ring the doorbell to indicate she wanted to come inside.

And she certainly had a foolish appearance at times - as illustrated in the photo - which makes it even more appropriate for today.


Jasia said...

Awww... Daisy is sooo cute!

I'm one of those dog and cat people. I have some great pictures of my dog and cat together but I'm not sure if I'll have time to create anything with them. This latest edition of the COG was really popular and I'll be working on it for the next few days.

Thanks for sharing Daisy with us John. She looks like a real sweetie!

Janice said...


What a wonderful story about your bear, errr dog Daisy! My Westie would ring the doorbell but she is too short :D

Thanks for a heartwarming story, and also for the mention!


Anonymous said...

I remember it well.....

Your mom and Daisy's