Thursday, April 3, 2008

Polish Suburbs

Back on March 17th I joked about my great-grandfather Barney growing up in a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, known as Warsaw.

A few minutes ago someone left a comment on that post that yielded an interesting discovery. The commenter had a grandfather who insisted the family came from Scotland. It turned out his family came from Schotland, a suburb of Danzig (Gdansk) Poland.

My great-grandfather didn't merely say the family was 'from' Dublin, Ireland but claimed to have attended school there. So this possibility of generational geographical confusion isn't enough to explain away his fibbing. However, it might provide an interesting source for the idea of the fib. So I started looking through towns of Poland just for kicks.

And I discovered: Deblin, Poland, just over 100km from Warsaw.

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I will certainly have to keep this possibility in mind.

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Lidian said...

That is really interesting...You know, we have a family tradition in which my grandmother (and now father) insist that there was a Viennese connection there - they lived there, or went there, or were near there. And as far as I can tell the family lived in SE Poland - Galicia/Ukraine.

Which I realize is not what you were talking about but your post made me think of trying to revisit this instead of thinking to myself: oh, RIGHT. So thank you!