Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunshine Day

The Carnival of Genealogy is upon us, and this is apparently "The Swimsuit Issue"

It's my experience that swimsuit pictures are rarely flattering, and most of the beach photographs I own are of family members who can still get even with me for putting them on the internet.

As such, I will share one of me.

There's more sky, ocean and beach in the photo than swimsuit. There's more sun cream on my nose than swimsuit.

The photograph was taken in 1974, I believe, which would have made me 5. My mother who reads this will correct me if I am wrong. If the caption in the photo album is correct, the beach is on the island of Maui.

I have many fond beach memories. I built many sandcastles, most of them with my brother, all washed away before any census was taken. As I grew older I migrated from building sandcastles to reading books. Others in my family are able to go to a beach, and sleep for several hours. I find this difficult.

I believe I have photographs somewhere, of a family member who will go nameless, in swimsuit, asleep in a lounge chair in our back yard, with snow on the ground. Weather can change quickly in St. Louis. The sun was out, and it could have been as high as 65 or 70, maybe, but there was still unmelted snow, and this family member was under the impression that the reflection of the sun off the snow might be good for tanning. Whether true, or not, that's dedication to a sun tan I don't have.


Anonymous said...

You are correct on all counts. Mom

wendy said...

Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed reading about tanning while there was snow on the ground!

Janice said...


I'd like to see that photograph of the daring backyard tanner with the snow in the background :D