Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birth Announcements

I have found several creative birth announcements in my grandparents' collections, and below is one of my favorites, with the identifying information carefully edited out to protect the innocent.

The final pun-ch line elicits a serious groan every time I read it.

Edited information

On the front of the index card announcement there was the child's name. (The name within the quotes was the same as the middle name, indicating the parents from day one intended to call the child by their middle name. A Google search indicates that their wishes held, and the child still uses their middle name.) At the bottom were the names of both parents - using the mother's maiden name.

On the back of the announcement the name appeared again, with the birth date. Both child and mother were new records in my database, so the announcement proved helpful in addition to providing some laughter.

The political references narrow down the time period, but I decided to remove the exact year as an additional precaution, as this individual is still relatively young.

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