Saturday, March 14, 2009

Surname Wordle

Last July it became popular to create wordles from the words on your blog. That is, create a graphic representation of the words, so that the more often the word was used, the larger it appeared in the graphic. allows you to input text instead of a URL, so I'm sure some geneablogger back then thought of exporting the surnames in their database, but that idea occurred to me last night.
In my database software, iFamilyForLeopard, I selected 'Index' under the People menu, and selected the option to generate a CSV file. I was then provided a list of data names, and I selected only 'family name'. The excel sheet that was generated was one long column that was easy to copy and paste into the text box.

And this was the result:

click to enlarge

This image shows some of the more common collateral surnames in my database that my surname entry doesn't include.

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Abba-Dad said...

LOL, I clicked a link and came to your site and thought it was mine. I didn't recognize any of the posts and was just sitting here scratching my head.