Sunday, April 19, 2009

Listen to TransylvanianDutch

Using Odiogo I have created a computer-voice audio podcast of this blog.

(It's free to setup, and fairly straightforward. The activation email wasn't as instantaneous as some sites, and took a couple minutes to arrive, which resulted in me thinking that something was broken and emailing Support, and then getting the activation email about 5 seconds after I submitted the support request. So, if you decide to set this up on your blog, be more patient than me.)

You can subscribe to the podcast by going here, or following the link in the sidebar on the right.

The computer voice isn't too horrible, though it stumbles over some contractions and abbreviations.

I'm not a podcast subscriber, but the Odiogo help pages say that the text of the entries is embedded in the podcast, and can be read through the 'lyrics' function on an Ipod and some other MP3 players. I suspect images are lost.

The letters I transcribe may be the posts best suited for this computer translation.


Databob said...

Oddly enough, the computer voice sounds *just* like you...

John said...