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St. Louis Jewish Orphan's Home - 1930

Residents of the Jewish Orphan's Home in 1930
6630 Oakland Avenue, St. Louis, MO
(US Census. Ward 24, Enumeration District 152, Sheets 18A and 18B - as retrieved from

Note: "Alternate Names" don't come from Ancestry, but are my own interpretations where I feel Ancestry indexers may have made an error. With one exception, I have not entered any of these as "Alternate Facts" at Ancestry, as I do not know the individuals, so I can't be certain, even if I am almost certain. In only one case am I positive, and that is the child Seymour Feinstein, as he was my paternal grandmother's first cousin.

Seymour wasn't exactly an orphan (yet). His mother, Dora (nee Servinsky) died in Aug 1920. About 1928, his father, Harry, remarried, and Harry lived until 1933.

I don't know if the children stopped living with their father due to the second wife, or if the reasons were financial. In 1930 the elder children were living with cousins. I'm not sure why Seymour wasn't. It's possible one of the employees of the orphanage was a relative or friend of his parents. There is still one son I haven't found in the 1930 census, and that is Willard, who would have been 19.

I post this as if I had difficulty finding Seymour, I figure maybe others having difficulty with their relatives may hit upon this page in a search and be able to use the Enumeration District and sheet information above. It also reinforces the occasional need to get creative in your searches for relatives.

Name as indexed at Ancestry.comAlternate NamesAgeOccupation
Arthur A Copeland33Superintendent
Bertha SarenerBertha Serence (Serenco - see comments)41Matron/Supervisor
Isadore Cutler7Inmate
Bessie Cutler12Inmate
Nathan Cutler15Inmate
Lydia Eisenberg10Inmate
Mildred Eisenberg9Inmate
Fannie FisseFannie Fiore13Inmate
Selma Minkowitz14Inmate
Barbara Fink15Inmate
Sydney Fink11Inmate
Seymore FeirsteinSeymour Feinstein15Inmate
Joseph FaclickJoseph Frelich16Inmate
Robert L Gold9Inmate
Violet Gruneberg11Inmate
Susie Gruneberg13Inmate
Sara Goldstein9Inmate
Jean Shaffer14Inmate
Isadore HaldstenIsadore Goldstein13Inmate
Manuel Getler3Inmate
Harvey Getler9Inmate
Marvin Huber7Inmate
Harry KrwtanskyHarry Krutansky7Inmate
Hyman KrwtanskyHyman Krutansky12Inmate
Wellie KrwtanskyNollie Krutansky13Inmate
Ralph LiebemanRalph Lieberman16Inmate
Harland Myar14Inmate
Rena Mandel15Inmate
Selma Mandel10Inmate
David Ostrovsky14Inmate
Donnis OstrovskyDennis Ostrovsky11Inmate
Harvey ShaperoHarvey Shapiro6Inmate
Ernest ShaperoErnest Shapiro10Inmate
Beverly ShaperoBeverly Shapiro8Inmate
Charles Schantz7Inmate
Pearl Schantz9Inmate
Wilbert Schantz16Inmate
Bessie Tutinsky15Inmate
Wathar Tutinsky17Inmate
Joe Tutinsky10Inmate
Shirley WeinpsonShirley Weinkraus6Inmate
Mandel G WeissMandell Weiss7Inmate
Harvey Weiss7Inmate
Dera ZinnermanDora Zimmerman17Inmate
Albert Zebelman9Inmate
Max Zebelman7Inmate
Boris Zebelman5Inmate
Charlie ZubrackCharlie Zebrack15Inmate
Martin SerenceMartin Serenco (see comments)21Salesman
Lester H SerenceLester H Serenco (see comments)16
Mirian GeistMiriam Geist41Matron/Cottage Mother
Ralph Geist10
Maurice Geist5
Blanche HolenesBlanche Holmes37Matron/Cottage Mother
Leora MahaoreLeora Mohaine24Cook
Eliz A GoseyEliza Gosey48Cook
Ethel MynesEthel Myers44Cook
Florence Cohen31Matron/Cottage Mother
Phyllis Cohen5
Belle RewaBelle Rewo28Cottage Mother
Mary C RewaMary C Rewo5
Lucien Berton21Janitor
Viola ManringViola Manning41Laundress
Julie M BallewJulia M Bailor38Maid
Frank BarineFrank Berine12Lodger
Carl BarineCarl Berine13Lodger

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the Serence names listed should actually be Serenco. Bertha is my g-grandmother.