Sunday, August 9, 2009

SNGF: 16 Second Greats

GeneaMusings's weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenged:
1) List your 16 great-great-grandparents in pedigree chart order. List their birth and death years and places.

2) Figure out the dominant ethnicity or nationality of each of them.

3) Calculate your ancestral ethnicity or nationality by adding them up for the 16 - 6.25% for each (obviously, this is approximate).

4) If you don't know all 16 of your great-great-grandparents, then do it for the last full generation you have.

5) Write your own blog post, or make a comment on Facebook or in this post.
(The numbers below are their ahnentafel numbers.)

16. Samuel Joseph Newmark (1862 Warka, Poland-1940 St. Louis, MO, USA) Polish
17. Rose Cantkert (1865 Poland - 1943 St. Louis, MO, USA) Polish
18. Moshe Leyb Cruvant (1857 Cekiske, Lithuania - 1911 St. Louis, MO, USA) Lithuanian
19. Minnie Mojsabovski (1863 Lithuania - 1924 St. Louis, MO, USA) Lithuanian
20. Selig Dudelsack (1860 Poland - 1915 St. Louis, MO, USA) Polish
21. Anna Perlik (1868 Poland - 1932 St. Louis, MO, USA) Polish
22. Morris Blatt (1862 Losice, Poland - 1926 St. Louis, MO USA) Polish
23. Belle Wyman (? Losice, Poland - 1892 Losice, Poland) Polish
24. Abraham Deutsch (dates unknown) Transylvanian
25. Sarah Weiss (dates unknown) Transylvanian
26. Israel Lichtmann (dates unknown) Transylvanian
27. Betty Adler (dates unknown) Transylvanian
28. Samuel Van Every (1820 Ontario, Canada -1888 San Marcos, TX, USA) Dutch
29. Abigail Stuart (1825 Ontario, Canada - 1866 Middleville, MI, USA) British
30. Ebenezer Ophan Denyer (1828 Bucks, PA, USA - 1872 Hays, TX, USA) British
31. Sarah Ann Hartley(1836 MS, USA - 1898 Hays, TX, USA) Choctaw

I haven't proven that Sarah Ann Hartley's dominant ethnicity was Choctaw, but there's enough circumstantial evidence to hold on to the family story a bit longer.

While I don't know their vital statistics, I'm certain of the names for Israel and Betty (Adler) Lichtmann. There is correspondence from them that has survived. I am less certain of the names for Abraham and Sarah (Weiss) Deutsch - those are the names recorded by their grandchildren.

3/8 Polish
1/8 Lithuanian
2/8 Transylvanian
1/8 British
1/16 Dutch
1/16 Choctaw

This isn't too different from the recipe I developed back in February, when I tried to break it down into 64 parts. (Though I don't know the names of all 64 ancestors in that breakdown...I just have a general idea of where they were most likely living.)

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