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My Ahnentafel/Ahnenliste

I've been actively blogging about family history for two and a half years (has it really been that long?); I figured it was time I posted a list of ancestors. I have chosen to use the ahnentafel numbering system. (**)

Below I include names, and the best information I have found so far on years of birth and death, and place of birth. (I've obscured the information for all living individuals)

On their first appearance, I have linked surnames to their respective category labels for relevant blog posts (even if the labels haven't been used yet, they may be at some point), and I have added links to individual memorials on Find a Grave (FGM) where they exist.

While I can only carry the Newmark surname back six generations, I include the numbers for successive generations as a placeholder for the beginning of each generation. Inversely, I can carry my Cruvant ancestors back a few more generations, but I have promised not to share online the research given to me by a cousin, and I wouldn't know those names without her help.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who thinks they are a cousin.

For those unfamiliar with the ahnentafel numbering system, the number for X's father is 2X, and X's mother is 2X+1. 

1. Me, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
2. Dad, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
3. Mom, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

4. Melvin Lester Newmark, 1912-1992, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (FGM)
5. Belle Feinstein, 1914-2002, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (FGM)
6. Martin Joel Deutsch, 1907-1991, Varalmas, Hungary (FGM)
7. Myrtle Ethel Van Every, 1900-1951, Maxwell, Texas, USA (FGM)

8. Barnet Newmark, 1886-1956, Warka, Poland (FGM)
9. Bertha Cruvant, 1886-1978, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (FGM)
10. Herman Max Feinstein, 1886-1963, Volhynia, Ukraine (FGM)
11. Anna Blatt, 1889-1965, Poland (FGM)
12. Samuel Deutsch, 1861-1938, Hungary (FGM)
13. Helen Lichtmann, 1881-1958, Margitta, Hungary (FGM)
14. Melvin Elijah Van Every, 1863-1929, Middleville, Michigan, USA (FGM)
15. Margaret Jane McAlpin Monteroy Denyer, 1868-1923, Kyle, Texas, USA (FGM)

16. Samuel Joseph Newmark, 1862-1940, Poland (FGM)
17. Rose Cantkert, 1865-1943, Poland (FGM)
18. Moshe Leyb Cruvant, 1857-1911, Lithuania (FGM)
19. Minnie Mojsabovski, 1863-1924, Lithuania (FGM)
20. Selig Dudelsack, 1860-1915, Ukraine (FGM)
21. Anna Perlik, 1868-1932, Ukraine (FGM)
22. Morris Blatt, 1862-1926, Poland (FGM)
23. Belle Wyman, ?-1892, Poland
24. Abraham Deutsch, Hungary
25. Sarah Weiss, Hungary
26. Israel Lichtmann, Hungary
27. Betty Adler, Hungary
28. Samuel Van Every, 1820-1888, Brant, Ontario, Canada (FGM)
29. Abigail Stuart, 1825-1866, Welland, Ontario, Canada (FGM)
30. Ebenezer Ophan Denyer, 1828-1872, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA
31. Sarah Ann Hartley, 1836-1898, Mississippi, USA

32. Israel David Neimark, Poland
33. Leah, Poland
34. Hirsch Cantkert, Poland
35. Bryna, Poland
40. Samuel Zvi Dudelsack, Poland
41. Gitel Slupsky, 1846-1906, Poland (FGM)
42. Isaac Wolf Perlik, Poland
43. Freida Lipman, Poland
56. Andrew David Van Every, 1798-1873, Ontario, Canada (FGM)
57. Nancy Lucinda Van Sellas, 1799-1880, Ontario, Canada (FGM)
58. Elihu Stuart, 1788-1826, Canada
59. Johanna Swayze, 1796-1854, Ontario, Canada
60. William Denyer, 1794-1848 Hampshire, England
61. Elizabeth Sliver, 1798-1840, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA
62. George W. Hartley
63. Eliza Beasley (?)
112. David Van Every, 1757-1820, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA (FGM)
113. Sarah Showers, 1762-1795, Pennsylvania, USA
118. Israel Swayze, 1753-1844, Warren, New Jersey, USA
119. Abigail Coleman, 1757-1843, Warren, New Jersey, USA
120. William Denyer, 1770-?, England
121. Jane Goldfinch, 1770-?, England
122. John Sliver
123. Barbara Fretz, 1775-1840, Pennsylvania, USA

224. McGregor Van Every, 1723-1786, New York, USA (FGM)
225. Mary Jaycocks, 1736-1786, New York, USA
226. Michael Schauers, 1733-1796, New York, USA
227. Hannah Van Tock, 1740-1825, New York, USA
236. Israel Swayze, 1720-1774, Southold, New York, USA
237. Mary Pitney, 1720-1754, New Jersey, USA
246. Mark Fretz, 1750-1840, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA
247. Elizabeth Rosenberger, 1752-1847, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA
448. Martin Van Iveren, 1685-1760, Kingston, New York, USA
449. Judith Holmes, 1694-?, New York, USA
452. Adam Schauers, 1701-1762, Baden, Germany
453. Maria Fritz, Germany
454. John Van Tock, 1714-?, New York, USA
455. Hannah Pierce
472. Judge Samuel Swayze, 1688-1759, Southold, New York, USA
473. Penelope Horton, 1690-1746, Cutchogue, New York, USA
492. John "Weaver" Fretz, 1704-1772, Baden, Germany
494. Henry Rosenberger, 1725-1809, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
495. Barbara Oberholtzer, 1726-1775, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

896. Burger Van Iveren, 1660-1762, Albany, New York, USA
897. Elizabeth Meyer
898. William Holmes
899. Lysbeth Wipp
904. Michael Schauers, 1679-1710, Baden, Germany
905. Anna Schauerin, 1679-1734, Baden, Germany
944. Joseph Swayze, 1653-1717, Suffolk, New York, USA
945. Mary Betts, 1654-1734, Queens, New York, USA
946. Barnabas Horton, Cutchogue, New York, USA
947. Sarah Wines
984. Johannes Fretz, 1680-1729, Alsace, Germany
985. Ann Marie Gross, 1682-1714, Baden, Germany
988. Henry Rosenberger, ?-1745, Germany
990. Jacob Oberholtzer, Germany

1792. Myndert Fredericksen, 1636-1706, Everinghe, Holland (or Jever, Oldenburg)
1793. Cathalyn Burger, 1640- (before 1663)
1888. John Swayze, 1619-1706, Suffolk, England
1889. Katherine Kinge, 1625-1692, Essex, England
1890. Capt. Richard Betts, 1613-1713, Hertfordshire, England
1891. Joanna Chamberlain, 1620, 1711, Hertfordshire, England
1892. Caleb Horton, 1640-1702, Southold, NY
1893. Abigail Hallock, 1642-1697, Suffolk, NY

3584. Frederick Van Iveren, Everinghe, Holland (or Jever, Oldenburg)
3782. Richard Chamberlain, 1590-1639, Warwickshire, England
3783. Elizabeth Stoughton, 1600-1647, Suffolk, England
3784. Barnabas Horton, 1600-1680, Leicestershire, England (FGM)
3785. Mary Langdon, 1611-1698, England (FGM)

7566. Thomas Stoughton, 1557-1622, Suffolk, England
7567. Katherine __, England

Some descendancies online for some of the more distant ancestors
  • A Brief History of John and Christian Fretz and a complete genealogical family register, Rev. Abraham James Fretz, 1890. (PDF - 41 MB) (Other Formats)
  • A Brief History of John and Christian Fretz and a complete genealogical family register to the fourth generation with accounts and addresses delivered at the Fretz family reunions, Rev. Abraham James Fretz, 1904. (PDF - 9 MB) (Other Formats)
  • Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Martin and Jacob Oberholtzer; Together with Historical and Biographical Sketches, Rev. Abraham James Fretz, 1903. (PDF - 7 MB) (Other Formats)
  • A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Henry Rosenberger of Franconia, Montgomery Co. Pa; Together with Historical and Biographical Sketches, Rev. Abraham James Fretz, 1906. (PDF - 22 MB) (Other Formats) (GEDcom at WorldConnect)
  • The Rosenberger Family of Montgomery County, Edward Mathews, 1892. (PDF - 3 MB) (Other Formats)
  • Horton Genealogy; or Chronicles of the Descendants of Barnabas Horton, George F Horton, M.D., 1876. (PDF - 20 MB) (Other Formats)
** Note: Some consider ahnenliste to be the more accurate German word when the numbers are presented in a list format, instead of a table.  However, English-speaking genealogists seem to have largely adopted the term 'ahnentafel' to refer to both 'table' and 'list' format.  "We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary." - James D. Nicoll, 1990

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