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Surname Saturday: Newmark

Another weekly genealogy meme? I've been thinking about participating in this one for awhile, and the initial post below has been ready to go for several months, as I awaited some further information.  I stopped waiting.

Surname Saturday.
To participate in Surname Saturday, simply create a post in which you discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.
I'll start with the most obvious surname to begin with - my own.


From my research it appears there are a handful of "Newmark Clans" in the United States that originated in either the Neumark/NewMarch region of Germany, or near enough in Poland to raise the question of where those Polish ancestors actually came from. (The clan to which I belong being part of the latter.) These clans also seem to often share something else besides geographical origin - a Jewish religious background. Whether or not we are all related would likely require a Y-Surname DNA study, but it wouldn't be surprising to learn that at least some of us are. It's doubtful though we'll ever be able to trace the exact lineal connections.

The first known progenitor of the Clan from which I descend is Israel David Newmark. Below is a limited descendant chart utilizing the D'Aboville numbering system, including the locations the individuals lived, and their birth, marriage and death dates. I could extend it further, but I can't do a complete list of the next generation without deciding which information to leave out for living relatives.

[Key: * = no vital record has been found to back up this information, but this is the date either claimed by the individual, or recorded by the family.]

1. Israel David Newmark (?-?) Poland  - married Leah (?)
1.1 Samuel Joseph Newmark (1862 - July 20, 1940) Warka, Poland; London, England; St. Louis, MO, USA - married Rose Cantkert
1.1.1 Solomon "Sol" Newmark (*Dec 4, 1883 - Dec 4, 1934) Warka; London; St. Louis
- married Sarah Nathan, Aug 31, 1902
1.1.2 Barnet "Barney" Newmark (*March 17, 1886 - Nov 25, 1956) Warka; London; St. Louis
- married Bertha Cruvant, *Aug 27, 1911
1.1.3 Nellie Newmark (*March 8, 1889 - Mar 22, 1959) Warka; London; St. Louis
- married Morris Fudemberg, Jan 30, 1910
1.1.4 Bella Newmark (*March 4, 1890 - Dec 2, 1976) Warka; London; St. Louis
- married Coleman Charles Cohen, Jan 30, 1910
1.1.5 Meyer "Max" Newmark (*Aug 16, 1892 - Jan 31, 1931) Warka; London; St. Louis; East St. Louis, IL, USA - married Dora (?)
1.1.6 Kate "Katie" Newmark (Nov 27, 1894 - March, 19, 1960) London; St. Louis; Chicago, IL, USA
- married Phillip Jacobs
1.1.7 Cecile "Cissie" Newmark (Aug 16, 1896 - Sept 12, 1973) London; St. Louis; East St. Louis; New Orleans, LA, USA; Falls Church, VA, USA - married Hyman Gold
1.1.8 Israel David "Buddy" Newmark (Apr 3, 1903 - Oct 16, 2004) London; St. Louis
- married Clara Rubin

My number is

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