Saturday, May 21, 2011

Surname Saturday: Lichtman

It's been almost six months since the last installment, but I return with the Surname Saturday blogging meme.
Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.
Lichtman is an occupational surname for a chandler, being derived from Likht, the Yiddish word for candle.  My Lichtman ancestors were from an area of Transylvania, at the time under the rule of Austria-Hungary.  Today the towns are part of Romania.  My great grandmother Helen (nee Lichtman) Deutsch immigrated to the US in 1912, settling in Chicago.  A few of her siblings immigrated around the same time, while a few others remained in Hungary.  Of those who remained, most died in the Holocaust, though two nieces survived, and made it to Israel in 1964. One of their daughters made contact with our family a couple decades ago.  I know less dates for this surname branch than some others, but I include the information I do have.

The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system, slightly modified to indicate half-siblings.
The first digit represents the order surnames make their first appearance on my ahnentafel.
I've emboldened my direct ancestors, and __s indicate living, or potentially living, relatives.

7. Herman Lichtman
7.1 Israel Lichtman married (a) Betty Adler and (b) Sara Jonas (1858- ?)

 7.1a.1 Helen (Hermina) Lichtman (1881-1958) married Samuel Deutsch (1861-1938)

7.1b.1 Bertha Lichtman married Gold
7.1b.2 David Lichtman
7.1b.3 Frank (Fere) Lichtman
7.1b.4 Gizela Lichtman married Hoffman
7.1b.5 Rosa Lichtman ( - 1933)
7.1b.6 Eugene Lichtman (1896 - ?)

7.1a.7.1 Jean Deutsch (1899-1965) - married Bernard Kamerman (1889-1958)
7.1a.7.2 Armon Deutsch (1900-1908)
7.1a.7.3 Theodore Deutsch (902 –1980) married Frances Levy
7.1a.7.4 Edward Deutsch (1904 – 1973) - changed surname to Kameran
7.1a.7.5 Martin Deutsch (1907 – 1991) married (1) Myrtle Van Every (1900-1951) (2) Marjorie Shelp (1911-1985)
7.1a.7.6 Maurice Gerald Deutsch (1909 – 1950) married Dorothy Arkin (1906-1995)
7.1a.7.7 Berta Deutsch (1911 – 2003) married Herman Freed
7.1a.7.8 Allen Deutsch (1914 – 1988) married Jean Collier

7.1b.1.1 William Gold (1906 - ?)
7.1b.1.2 Emile Gold (1910 - ?) married Fox
7.1b.1.3 Albert Gold (1915 - ?)

7.1b.3.1 Andre Lichtman
7.1b.3.2 Ella Lichtman
7.1b.3.3 Mick Lichtman
7.1b.3.4 Sanyi Lichtman
7.1b.3.5 Ana Lichtman (1924 - 1989) married ___ Knapp (1924 - )

7.1b.4.1 ___ Hoffman
7.1b.4.2 ___ Hoffman
7.1b.4.3 Estyne Hoffman (1920-2006) married Jerome Cohler (1925-2003)
7.1b.4.4 Helen Hoffman (1922-1998) married ____ Ploetz

7.1b.6.1 __ Lichtman married Geraldine ___ (1925-2004)
7.1b.6.2 __ Lichtman

My number is: 7.1a.


Unknown said...

My maiden name is Lichtman, my Paternal grandfather was Marton, from Budapest. I had friend who did some genealogy for me once and said his parents were Herman and hermoine but don't see any familiar names on your Lichtman list,,,other than both those names but not married to ea other...

maybe we are related somehow?

John said...

It's possible.

Lichtman is an occupational surname - meaning chandler, so it's also possible that two unrelated chandlers chose the surname.