Monday, September 19, 2011

TLAPD and Genealogy

Repost of a 2007 post with some additions

1) Were any of my ancestors pirates?
2) Did any of my ancestors own parrots?
3) Did any of my ancestors like to drink rum?
4) Do I have any distant cousins who have played baseball in Pittsburgh?

Realizing I am unable to say 'yes' in certainty to any of these questions, I am a little glum on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I know I have lime-burners, mule drivers, and tailors represented. If OneWorldTree is correct, I also have a 1930s bootlegger/massmurderer nicknamed "The Alligator Man" as a distant cousin. He may come the closest. OWT also claims that John Ledyard, who sailed with Captain Cook, is a cousin. Though, while they sailed off the Barbary Coast, and Cook rhymes with Hook, like so many in my family tree, they fought for the 'other side.'

Here it is 2011, and I can say yes to one of the four questions at the top of this post, sort of.  #4.

Jonathan Van Every is almost definitely a cousin.  I haven't traced his ancestry back with certainty to make the necessary connection.  His Major League appearances have been with the Red Sox organization, but he has spent time as a Pirate.  (Though not in Pittsburgh.)  He now plays for the St. Paul Saints which is a professional team in the American Association, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball. He has been named Defensive Player of the Year, so maybe he has a chance to return to the majors.

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