Saturday, June 2, 2012

Surname Saturday: Denyer

It's been a year since the last installment, but I return with the Surname Saturday blogging meme.
Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.
Denyer is considered by many a nickname for a poor or insignificant man, from the name of a very small medieval coin (Middle English/Old French: Denier).  My Denyer ancestors immigrated to America from England in the 1800s.

The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system, slightly modified to account for multiple spouses.
The first digit represents the order surnames make their first appearance on my ahnentafel.  With this installment, I conclude the 8 surnames of my great grandparents.

I've emboldened my direct ancestors, and __s indicate living, or potentially living, relatives. I've added some italicized geographical notes for my direct ancestors.

8. William DENYER (1770- ) Farlington, Hampshire, England married Jane GOLDFINCH (1770- ) Portsea, Hampshire, England

Marriage Allegation: Denyer, William, of Farlington, lime-burner, 21, b., & Jane Goldfinch, of Portsea, 21, sp., at P., 22 Oct., 1791.

8.1 Georgiana DENYER (1793- ) Hampshire, England
8.2 William DENYER (1794-1848) Hampshire England married Elizabeth SLIVER (1798-1840) New Britain Twp, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
8.3 John Henry DENYER (1795- ) Hampshire England
8.4 James DENYER (1798- ) Hampshire England
8.5 Barnard Goldfinch DENYER (1800- ) Hampshire England
8.6 Charles DENYER (1802- ) Hampshire England
8.7 Jane DENYER (1804- ) Hampshire England
8.8 George DENYER (1807- ) Hampshire England

William Denyer was baptized July 15, 1795 in Farlington, Hampshire, England. Family histories say he was born in November of 1794. According to the same family histories, William and Elizabeth were married in Baltimore, Maryland, on May 31, 1821.

8.2.1 Samuel Jennings Sliver DENYER (1822-1861) Baltimore, Maryland married Zerelda Ann SINGLETON (-1867)
8.2.2 Elizabeth Ann Sliver DENYER (1825- ) Bucks, PA, married John PRATT (1806-1871)
8.2.3 Ebenezer Opham DENYER (1828-1872) Bucks, PA, married Sarah Ann HARTLEY (1836-1898)
8.2.4 Jane Goldfinch DENYER (1831- ) Bucks, PA, married Henry JOHNSON
8.2.5 William Sliver DENYER (1834- ) Bucks, PA, married (a) Dilly Susanna CORLEY (-1863) and (b)Nancy Emeline RHODES
8.2.6 Leonidas Ross DENYER (1837-1837) New Albany, Indiana

Ebenezer and Sarah were married in Gonzales County, Texas on May 14, 1854 Herminie Aurelia DENYER (1850-1866) Amanda Jane DENYER (1853-1936) married Walter Thomas BRANNON (1852-1930) Robert C.H. DENYER (1854-) married M. Jennie WILDMAN (1860-) Albert Sherwood DENYER, (1856-) Ida Elizabeth Sammie DENYER, (1859-1899) married Lewis Lamar GREEN Minerva PRATT (1846- ) married Joseph McAfee COULTER (1846- ) Emily PRAT (1848-1853) Maria Denyer PRATT (1852-) Mary Susan DENYER (1860-1860) Samuel Wiliam DENYER (1866-1928) married Alice C. GOLLIHAR Margaret Jane McAlpin Monteroy DENYER (1868-1923) married Melvin Elijah VAN EVERY (1863-1929) Ezekiel DENYER (1870-1870)
8.2.5b.1 Andre J DENYER, (1865-) married (a) Sophronia GARDNER and (b) Mary __

According to family records, Margaret was born in Kyle, Hays, Texas. She and Melvin were married in Buda, Hays, Texas, Aug 29, 1883. Geneva Ella BRANNON (1875-1962) married Howell PERKINS John Samuel BRANNON (1877-1970) married Carrie GIRLINGHOUSE George Rely BRANNON (1879-1888) Lauretta Ann BRANNON (1882- ) James Archibald BRANNON (1884-1983) married Henrietta CLIFTON (1888-1973) Walter Clifford BRANNON (1886-1906) Irving Cornelius BRANNON, (1889-1967) Henry Luther BRANNON, (1891-1941) married Irene Maude DROST (1889-1970) Lulu Lee DENYER (1882- ) married I. E. KNIGHT Minnie May DENYER (1884- ) Samuel Arthur DENYER (1886- ) Thomas Hilliard DENYER (1888- ) Elsie DENYER Myrtle DENYER Jessie DENYER, (1883-) Charles DENYER Ida GREEN (1884-) Lewis Lamar JR GREEN (1886-) Ola GREEN (1887-) Gussie Denyer GREEN (1894-1996) married Percival Clayton WOOD Emma COULTER (1869-1873) Mary Mazilla COULTER (1871-) Joseph McAfee COULTER (1874-) Morrison John Scott COULTER (1877-) Iola May COULTER (1880-) Minerva Ann COULTER (1883-) Arrena Elizabeth COULTER (1886-) William Ebenezer DENYER (1885-1889) Alfred DENYER (1886-1946) married Dollie CRAWL (1890-1922) Arthur Luther DENYER (1888-1946) Addie E DENYER (1890- ) Zenovie DENYER (1891- ) Lee C DENYER (1894-1943) married Ida Mae WANECK Samuel Drake DENYER (1896-1964) married Georgina ANDERSON William George DENYER (1898-1972) married Thresia Jane OLIVER (1909-2005) Melvin Edwin DENYER (1900-1956) married Inez HALLIBURTON (1907-1985) Minnie Ray VAN EVERY, (1884-1969) married August Albert BENOLD (1883-1942) Samuel Ophan VAN EVERY (1886-1933) married (a) Esther Othillia DAHLIN (1886-1968) and (b) Amy C Johnston (1898- ) Abigail VAN EVERY (1888-1888) Willa Ann VAN EVERY (1890-1916) married Lexington ROBERTS Delbert VAN EVERY (1890-1890) Evelyn Syvela VAN EVERY (1892-1982) married (a) William CAMPBELL ( -1925) and (b) I.T. HERRIN and (c) W.J. CRABTREE Melvin Theodore VAN EVERY (1898-1899) Myrtle Ethel VAN EVERY (1900-1951) married (a) Jack and (b) Alfred H. CONNEVEY and (c) Dale Bowlby RIDGELY and (d) Martin Joel DEUTSCH (1907-1991)
8.2.5b.1b.1 Floyd F DENYER (1899- )
8.2.5b.1b.2 Daisy DENYER, (1910- )
8.2.5b.1b.3 Pearl DENYER, (1912- )
8.2.5b.1b.4 Earl Thomas DENYER (1914-1984) married Helena Amoret NEBLOCK (1923- )
8.2.5b.1b.5 Silas DENYER (1917- )

According to family records, Myrtle was born in Maxwell, Caldwell, Texas. She and Martin were married in Springfield, Illinois, December 31, 1936.  They were living in St. Louis, Missouri. William Lee DENYER (1915-1967) Melvin Edwin JR DENYER (1927-1996) married Gladys Marion POHLER (1934-1995) Marguerite BENOLD (1906-1998) married Roswell SPEAR (1905-1974) and Robert E SPENCER Shirley Ruth BENOLD (1908-2000) married Virgil RIDDELL(1899-1969) and Leonard Lafay GRIFFITH (1907-1940) August Wilson BENOLD (1911-1977) married Eva Etta REILEY Charles BENOLD (1913-1913) Elsa Louise BENOLD (1913-2002) married Marcus Lester WALTERMIRE (1910-2006) Ruby BENOLD (1916-2006) married LEWIS Evelyn BENOLD (1918-1938) married John Ellis LANIER (1914-1938) Frances Lucille BENOLD (1922-1996) married Harley Hugh SEARCY (1917-1986) Everett Clarence VAN EVERY (1906-1924) Agnes Lee ROBERTS (1910-1987) married Phil GATES (1907-1986) Elizabeth Dribel CAMPBELL (1914-1996) William Venable CAMPBELL (1916-2004) married ______

My number is


Julie Goucher said...

Any idea where the Denyer's came from in Hampshire? My own Denyer's were in Bramshot Hampshire & across the two County borders either side of Hampshire- Surrey & Sussex. Apart from being ag lab territory! There was also a papermill in the area. My own Denyer's married into the names of Elstone & Pim, both involved with paper making & both had lines that migrated to Canada where they set up a papermill.

John said...

Farlington Parish

The Hampshire marriage announcement says Wm Denyer was of Farlington and Jane Goldfinch of Portsea. (not necessarily born there, but at least 'of'). Some online trees have his father named Robert without much backup.

There are 7 children in the online Farlington parish records born to a Wm and Jane Denyer in the years shortly following their marriage. One child named Barnard Goldfinch Denyer born to a Wm and Ann.

John said...

I've added some additional geographical notes to the post.

Julie Goucher said...

John, Thanks for adding the extra data. I can not see an obvious link, but I have come across the Goldfinch connection with the name used as a middle name.

Carol Ann said...

I am Thomas (1888) and Nellie Denyer's great-granddaughter. My grandmother, Betty Terry married Thomas's son, Hillard Denyer. She still lives in Oklahoma. I came across your website while doing a surname project for a graduate course. Would love to share more of what I have found.

John said...

Carol, please email me at jcnewmark at and I'll share the information I have.

Kenneth Smith said...

Ida Elizabeth Denyer is my second great grandmother. She married Lewis Lamar Green who was quite the man.

Lewis Lamar Green was a man of great integrity and courage, enlisted in Company B Texas Confederate Army commanded by "Buck" Walton, serving until wounded and brought home by his younger brother, Gustavus Edward Green, being wounded in MO. When he later return to his home on the frontier of Texas, he waged continuous war on the Comanche Indians for many months, became owner of the largest sheep herds in Texas and served as Sec'y of the First Wool Growers'

Association in Texas. He was once offered the whole acreage where Marble Falls, Texas now stands for one wool clip. In 1891 Lewis Lamar Green accomplished a remarkable feat when he traveled by covered wagon with his family to the wilds of Mexico over many miles of roads built by his own hands. He explored on horseback the temples of the ancient Incas and was the first white man to reach these remote ruins hidden in dense wilderness. (while in Mexico, my great grandmother Louie Mrytle Green "Nina" was born).

The family remained in the interior of Mexico 7 years, returning by ship to Galveston, Texas in 1898.

Miguel Denyer said...

My Grandfather (now deceased) was Walter John Denyer (known to many as Jack) of Hedge End, Hampshire... My father (also deceased) was David Richard Denyer who moved to Llandovery in Wales after leaving the army in the 1960s - I was born in Llandovery in 1970, and moved to the Basingstoke, Hampshire area while serving in the Royal Air Force. I emigrated to the United States in 2001 and I've lived here (Metro Detroit area of Michigan, USA) ever since.
My father had 3 brothers:
Victor Charles Denyer (still living) - He lives in the Portsmouth area.
William (Billy) (deceased)
Joseph (Joey) (deceased)
My name is Miguel Denyer and I have 2 brothers still living in the UK (Marcus and Jonathan Denyer), and two sisters (Audrey Dorritt (nee Denyer) and Emma Denyer)... I'd be interested to learn of any other family members.