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Surname Saturday: Cantkert

Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.
Cantkert is a surname for which I am uncertain of its origin. I believe it to be the maiden name of my great-great grandmother, Rose.  She married Samuel Newmark in Poland in the late 19th century. The last Polish town of record I have for the Newmark family is Warka, Poland, and JewishGen lists Cantkert in their Warka Surname List.  However, my great great grandmother's surname has appeared differently in several documents. The names of her parents are known only through her death certificate.

I am uncertain if there is any relationship to Ida Cantkert, or her siblings, memorialized in Serge Klarsfeld's French Children of the Holocaust.

The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system. The first digit represents the order surnames make their first appearance on my ahnentafel.  The information in the first two generations is based on some records I have found online and some assumptions noted below.

I've emboldened my direct ancestors.

9. Szmul Cantkert (? - 1894)

9.1 Hirsch Cantkert (?-?) married Bryn __
9.2 Manas Cantkert
9.3 Szmerek Cantkert

9.1.1 Rose Cantkert (1865-1943) married Samuel Newmark (1862-1940)

Follow the descent of Rose and Samuel at 1.1.

My number is

Research Notes

In the 1907 Warka voter lists (available on both JewishGen and Ancestry) there were three apparent Cantkert brothers: Hersz, Manas, and Szmerek - all listed with the father Szmul.  The first two generations above are based on the good possibility that Hersz was the father of my great great grandmother, though it is not certain.  It appears to be an uncommon surname, and a small village, so the matching given name is a good indicator.

Records in the JewishGen databases for which I have recently contacted the Polish State Archives seeking copies:
  • 1894 death record from Warka for a Szmul Josek Cantkert
  • 1893 marriage record for a Manas Cantkert to a Brandla Siniawer
  • 1860 birth record for a Szmerek Cantkert
  • 1887 marriage record for a Szmerka Cantkert to an Ajdla Wortman

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