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Surname Saturday: Perlik

Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.

There is some thought that the Perlik surname has a similar etymology as the surname, Flach. If this is the case it may come from the Czech ‘Vlach’ meaning ‘foreigner.’ It might also be a topographic name for someone living on a flat terrain, from the Middle Low German, ‘vlak.’ It could also be an occupational name for a blacksmith, from Middle High German, ‘vlach,’ meaning ‘smooth.’

My Perlik ancestors may have come from Szczebrzeszyn, Poland, which is near the Ukraine border. The non-existent cities of ‘Szdobirtzen, Russia'  and ‘Szdobeitzen, Poland' appeared on some naturalization papers, and Szczebrzeszyn is a guess. My great-great grandmother Anna Perlik married Selig Dudelsack, and the Dudelsacks were from the nearby Volhynia region.

In America the Perliks settled in St. Louis, Chicago, and perhaps Philadelphia.

The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system. The first digit represents the order surnames make their first appearance on my ahnentafel.

I've emboldened my direct ancestors.

11. Isaac Wolf Perlik married Freida LIPMAN

11.1 Anna Perlik (1868–1932) married Selig DUDELSACK (follow their descent at 3.7)
11.2 Jacob Perlik (1879- 951) married Bessie ROSENBLATT (1883-1918) and Bertha DAVIDSON
11.3 Bluma Perlik married Israel BLOOM (*)

11.2.1 Anne Perlik (1905-1978) married Sam KLINSKY (1900-1962)
11.2.2 Harry Perlik (1907-1994) married Gladys (1907-1989)
11.2.3 Belle Perlik (1909-1993) married Benjamin ADELMAN (1907-1983)
11.2.4 Ceale Perlik (1912-1987) married  Jerome STONE
11.2.5 Irving Perlik (1914-2006)
11.2.6 Mary Perlik (1916-2008) married Edward KRAKOFF (1911-1987)
11.2.7 Sarah Perlik (1918-1918)
11.2.8. David Perlik (1920-1989)

(*) A daughter of Selig and Anna (Perlik) Dudelsack recorded the existence of a third sibling named Bluma who settled in Philadelphia and married someone named Israel Bloom. Corroborating evidence of this has not yet been uncovered.

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