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Surname Saturday: Stuart / Stewart

Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.
I've been discussing my surnames so far for this meme in the order in which they appear in my ahnentafel (ancestry table). However, I am going to skip over a few surnames. For each of these surnames I only know one individual, and I have no documentation to back up their maiden names beyond family lore. I hope to return to their surnames at a later date.

Stuart / Stewart

Stuart/Stewart is a royal Scottish surname, as well as a British occupational surname for a senior official.

Abigail Stuart was the second wife of my second great grandfather, Samuel Van Every. I know her parents, but I don't know her paternal grandfather. There was a George Stuart among the Loyalist settlers of Niagara, though I am currently unsure if he's related.

Am I related to the royal Stuarts? That would be nice. As would being related to Sir Patrick. At the moment I have no proof of either.

The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system. The first digit represents the order surnames make their first appearance on my ahnentafel.

I've emboldened my direct ancestors, and indicated their place of birth where known.

15. Elihu Stuart (1788-1826) Ontario, Canada married Johanna Swayze (1796-1854) Welland, Ontario, Canada

15.1 Pamela Stuart (1816-1859) Ontario
15.2 Barney Stuart (1818-?) Ontario
15.3 Elisha Travis Stuart (1823-1895) Ontario married Zilla Howell (1826-1898)
15.4 Abigail Stuart (1825-1866) Beaverdam, Welland, Ontario married Samuel Van Every (1820-1888) Dumfries, Brant, Ontario

15.4.1 George Van Every (1848-1932) Dumfries, Brant, Ontario married Carolyn Allen (1853-1931)
15.4.2 Emily Van Every (1850-1853) Dumfries, Brant, Ontario
15.4.3 Alice Van Every (1852-1930) St. George, Brant, Ontario married Charles Brock Van Every (1846-1902) (2nd cousins)
15.4.5 Clara Van Every (1855-1860) Middleville, Barry, Michigan, US
15.4.6 Emma Van Every (1856-?) Middleville, Barry, Michigan
15.4.7 Judson Adrian Van Every (1858-1923) Middleville, Barry, Michigan married Mary Effie Vardy (1866-?)
15.4.8 Charles Van Every (1861-1920) Middleville, Barry, Michigan
15.4.9 Melvin Elijah Van Every (1863-1929) Middleville, Barry, Michigan married Margaret Jane Denyer (1868-1923) Kyle, Hays, Texas [follow their descent at]
15.4.10 Willie Van Every (1866-1866) Middleville, Barry, Michigan

My number is

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