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Surname Saturday: Van Every

I continue with the Surname Saturday blogging theme -  
Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.
Van Every 
The Van Every surname originated in either Holland or Germany as a place name, possibly Everinghe, Holland or Jever, Germany.  The surname has been traced (by others) back to Frederick Van Iveren.  Two of his sons, Myndert and Carsten, immigrated to America in the late seventeenth century.

The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system.  I've only listed my direct ancestors for several generations until I reach my great grandfather, even though I do have more names in my database. Otherwise, this list would get way too long.

4. Frederick Van Iveren
4.1 Myndert Fredericksen (1636-1706) married Catherine Burger
4.1.2 Burger Van Iveren (1660-?) married Elizabeth Meyer Martin Van Iveren (1685-1760) married Judith Holmes McGregory Van Every (1723-1786) married Mary Jaycocks David Van Every (1757-1820) married Sarah Showers Andrew David Van Every (1798-1873) married Nancy Lucellas Samuel Van Every (1820-1888) married (1) Cordelia Hitchcock (2) Abigail Stuart (3) Margaret Watkins [24 children] Melvin Elijah Van Every (1863-1929) married (1) Margaret Jane Denyer (2) Josie Thetford Minnie Ray Van Every (1884-1969) married August Albert Benold Samuel Ophan Van Every (1886-1933) married (1) Esther Dahlin (2) Amy C. Johnston Abigail Van Every (1888-1888) Delbert Van Every (1890-1890) Willa Van Every (1890-1916) married Lexington Roberts Evelyn Syvela Van Every (1892-1982) married (1) William Campbell (2) IT Herrin (3) W. J. Crabtree Melvin Theodore Van Every (1898-1899) Myrtle Ethel Van Every (1900-1951) married (1) Dale Ridgely (2) Martin J Deutsch Marguerite Benold (1906-1998) married (1) Roswell Spear (2) Robert Spencer Shirley Ruth Benold (1908-2000) married (1) Virgil Riddell (2) Leonard Lafay Griffith August Wilson Benold (1911-1977) married Eva Etta Reiley Charles Benold (1913-1913) Elsa Louise Benold (1913-2002) married Marcus Lester Waltermire Ruby Benold (1916-2006) married George Seager Evelyn Benold (1918-1938) married John Ellis Lanier Francis Lucille Benold (1922-1996) married Harley Hugh Searcy Everet Clarence Van Every (1906-1924) Agnes Lee Roberts (1910-1987) married Phil Gates Elizabeth Dribel Campbell (1914-1996) William Venable Campbell (1916-2004) Phyllis Lee Gates (1932-1985) married Clinton William Johnson

I am number:

Notable Van Everys

Dale Van Every - Third cousin, twice removed - author of the screenplays for Captains Courageous, Murders in the Rue Morgue, and other films, as well as the author of several historical novels. Our shared ancestry begins with David Van Every and Sarah Showers.

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