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Surname Sunday?: Blatt

I continue with the Surname Saturday blogging theme, but am posting this a day late-
Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.

Blatt as a Jewish surname comes from the Yiddish word Blat, meaning 'Leaf.'  My ancestor, Jacob Blatt, came from the town of Łosice, Poland. 

I may know the names of several of Jacob's siblings, and their father, if some research I've been given is correct.  Family notes handed down directly from Morris's daughters says his first wife was named Belle Wyman, and she died in Poland about 1892.  One of Morris's daughter's, Blanche, married a Wyman, and it was a family joke whether or not she married a cousin.  However, research has found a Morris, son of Jacob Blatyta in Losice, who married a Chaia Beila Boksern.  It's thought that Belle had a first husband before Morris, so that could explain the surname confusion.  Her maiden name could have been Wyman, and her first husband's name could have been Boksern.

Without evidence of Chaia Beila's first marriage, or birth records of Blanche and Anna indicating their mother's name, or some other documentation, I am left wondering whether there could have been two Jacob Blatts in the Łosice area, with a son named Morris. So below I start with Jacob until further evidence confirms the connection to the Blatyta family.

The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system.
__s indicate a living relative.

6. Jacob Blatt (Poland)

6.1 Morris Blatt (1862-1926) married (1) Belle Wyman (2) Mollie (Kellner) Katz (Łosice, Poland; St. Louis, MO, USA)

6.1.1 Blanche Blatt (1887-1960) married Jacob Wyman (St. Louis, MO; Los Angeles, CA)
6.1.2 Anna Blatt (1890-1965) married Herman Max Feinstein (St. Louis, MO)
6.1.3. Henry Blatt (1898-1968) married Berdye Reisman
6.1.4 Pearl Blatt (1903-1986) married Morris Dankner Joe Wyman (1904-2007) Louis Wyman (1905-1997) David Wyman (1908-1909) Sidney Wyman (1910-1978) ___ Bernard Feinstein (1913-1968) married Belle Hoffman Belle Feinstein (1914-2002) married Melvin Newmark Seymour Feinstein (1917-1999) married Leonore Miller

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