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Surname Saturday: Cruvant

I continue with the Surname Saturday blogging theme -  
Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.
Cruvant / Kruvant / Cruvand / Kruvand / Kroovand
The Cruvant surname originated in Lithuania, likely named from the town Krūvandai.  The family has been traced back to Čekiškė, which is only 5 km north of Krūvandai.  Over the past two centuries, different branches of the family have chosen different phonetic spellings, the five most common are listed above.  My second great grandfather, Moshe Leyb Cruvant, appears to be the originator of the 'Cruvant' spelling.  Three branches of the family immigrated to St. Louis, though others made their way to New Jersey, Canada, and Israel.

I am indebted to a cousin for a large amount of research on the Cruvant families, and have assured her I will not share her research online.  So while I have a good amount of information on the descendants of four of Moshe Leyb's five brothers, I will not be sharing it below.  I also do not list relatives who I know are still living.

The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system.

5.1.3 Moshe Leyb Cruvant (1857-1911) married Minnie Mojsabovski Benjamin Cruvant (1883-1960) married (1) Goldie White (2) Dora Goldstein David Thomas Cruvant (1885-1961) married Anna Ruben Bertha Cruvant (1886-1978) married Barnet Newmark Stella Crvuant (1889-1931) married Louis Julius Stern Flora Cruvant (1892-1971) married Abraham Altman Sol Cruvant (1893-1972) married Ida Waldman Clifford Cruvant (1904-?) Sarah M. Cruvant (1905-?) Cecelia Cruvant (1917-2001) married Morris Markowitz Morris Louis Cruvant (1920-1987) married Beatrice Morganstern Bernard A Cruvant (1911-1965) married Edith Kenny Naomi Melba Cruvant (1918-2000) married Sammie H Brown Melvin Lester Newmark (1912-1992) married Belle Feinstein Harold Newmark (1915-2003) married (1) Janice Liebovitz (2) Thelma Malpe Millstone Mandel Newmark (1923-1945) Aaron Cruvant Stern 1908-1981) married Mary Cohn Marvyn Stern (1914-1993) married (1) Selma Rosalind Wolff (2) Lieselott Bilewski Cruvant William Altman (1914-2008) Monroe Leslie Cruvant (1918-1997)

My number is:

Photograph of modern day Kruvandai.
Source: photogalaxy.

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