Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights

Below are highlights from the past year of posts, focusing on those posts I feel may be of the most interest to those who aren't related to me.
A look at a 1904 World's Fair exhibit, and what survives 
A 3-part exploration of the databases and records at FindMyPast
A 2-part exploration of Yad Vashem's database of Holocaust victims 
My experience with Ancestry's new DNA test, and some perceived drawbacks for those of Eastern European Jewish Descent
An examination of some issues with the way handles the city and county of last residence in their SSDI database
A comparison of the holdings at four different online archives of digitized newspapers - with a focus on Missouri newspapers.
A look at how a common logical fallacy can trip the genealogy researcher.  (I originally posted this entry back in 2009, but I reposted it with some modifications.)
I married the woman of my dreams in April, and we went on a honeymoon in June.
Several posts related to these events might be of interest to others.
 Research on the origins of the phrase: "Something Old, Something New..."
Research on the etymology of the word, 'Honeymoon.'
My wife and I visited Prague on our honeymoon, and decided to make a trip to the nearby former concentration camp.

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