Saturday, May 3, 2014

Surname Saturday: Hartley

Discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research.


Hartley is a locational surname derived from the Old English 'Heort' (Hart) and 'Leah' (Wood or clearing). George W. Hartley is my 3rd great grandfather. His descendants testified in front of The Dawes Commission that he and his wife were part Native American. Most of their descendants remained in Texas.


The numbering below follows the d'Aboville system. The first digit represents the order surnames make their first appearance on my ahnentafel. (I've emboldened the names of  my direct ancestors.)

16. George W. Hartley ( - 1835) married Eliza Beasley

16.1 Samuel Tillman Hartley (1830-1920) married (a) Margaret Rawls (1848-?) (b)
Nancy Virginia Rock (1853-1932)
16.2 Sarah Ann Hartley (1836-1898) married (a) Ebenezer Ophan Denyer (1828-1872) (b) George Willliam Foster
16.3 William Hartley (1844-)

16.1a.1 Caroline (Callie) Texanna Hartley (1866 – 1941) married Jesse Taylor
16.1a.2 Georgia Amelia Hartley (1870 – 1940) married Miles Phillips
16.1a.3 Robert Hilliard Hartley (1872 – ) married Margaret LNU
16.1a.4 Virginia Hartley (1874 – ) married Henry Schultz (1870-)
16.1a.5 Helena Senthliza Hartley (1875 –)
16.1a.6 Sophronia Hartley (1876 –) married James Cagle (1864- )
16.1a.7 Amie Hartley (1881 – )
16.1a.8 Samuel Hamler Hartley (1885 – 1964)
16.1b.1 Edna Hartley (1891-1973) married Manuel Taylor McCorkle (1887-1933)

16.2a Follow their descent at 8.2.3 
16.2b.1 Eliza Caroline Foster (1875-1916) married William T Reeves (1871-)
16.2b.2 George William Foster (1877-1957)
16.2b.3 Sarah Ann Foster (1878-1961) married William McCarty (1865-1953)

16.1a.3.1 Bessie Leanner Hartley (1896-)
16.1a.3.2 Youler May Hartley (1898- )
16.1a.3.3. Mantie Hartley (1901 - )
16.1a.4.1 Birdie Schultz (1890- )
16.1a.4.2 Callie Schultz (1891- )
16.1a.4.3 Julia Schultz (1897- )
16.1a.4.4 Richard Schultz (1899- )
16.1a.6.1 Hazel Cagle (1894- )
16.1a.6.2 Dessie Cagle (1898- )
16.1a.6.3 Flossie Cagle (1905- )
16.1a.6.4 Edna Cagle (1907- )
16.1a.6.5 Ruby Cagle (1911- )
16.1a.6.6 Otis Cagle (1915- )
16.1b.1.1 Clarence Taylor McCorkle (1923-1988)
16.1b.1.2 Grady McCorkle (1925-1990)

16.2b.1.1 Nora Alice Reeves (1893-1985)
16.2b.1.2 Ada Bell Reeves (1895-1948) married Riley Green Vann (1890-1949)
16.2b.1.3 James Allen Reeves (1897-)
16.2b.1.4 Lona Mae Reeves (1906-) married Galveston Clark Pittman
16.2b.3.1 Lillie May McCarty
16.2b.3.2 Ollie McCarty (1898-1973) married Oda LNU
16.2b.3.3 William Franklin McCarty (1900-1971) married Ola Dee McWhorter (1902-1980)
16.2b.3.4 Elizabeth Ann McCarty (1904-1996) married Oscar Marian McWhorter (1895-1981)

16.2b.3.2.1 Ruben McCarty (1918-1997)
16.2b.3.3.1 Pearl Louise McCarty (1926-2007)
16.2b.3.3.2 Joy Lynn McCarty (1942-1971)

My number is 16.2a.


Shelley said...

I am a granddaughter of Ruby Cagle, Daughter of Saphronia Hartley/James Cagle. I would love more information about the Cagles

John said...

If you can email me at and provide me with your email address I can send you the information I have on Saphronia and James Cagle's descendants. There's probably nothing that's new to you, but I would love to verify that the research I have done is accurate. I have not conducted any research on James Cagle's ancestors.