Monday, May 2, 2016

Amanuensis Monday: Mandell Newmark Comes Home - 1948

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

I continue my project to transcribe family letters, journals, newspaper articles, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts. Not only do the documents contain genealogical information, the words breathe life into kin - some I never met - others I see a time in their life before I knew them.

This week I look at newspaper articles concerning the death and burial of my great uncle, Mandell Newmark.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, May 1, 1945, page 5.

Sgt. Mandell Newmark, 21, medical corpsman, died April 15 of wounds suffered in action in the Philippines. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Newmark, live at 5573 Delmar Boulevard.

St. Louis Post Disptach, Aug 14, 1948, page 8

34 From This Area, Originally Interred in Philippine Cemeteries.

Bodies of 34 service men from the St. Louis area who lost their lives during World War II are being brought here. They are aboard the United States Army transport Dalton Victory, which will dock at San Francisco. Most of the dead originally were interred in temporary cemeteries in the Philippine Islands.

The names, branch of service and names and addresses of next of kin were announced by the Army as follows:

St. Louis

….Cpl. Mandell Newmark, Army, Barney Newmark, 5573 Delmar boulevard.

St. Louis Post-Disptach, Aug 29, 1948, page 33.

NEWMARK, MANDELL, Technician 5th Grade; killed in action Apr. 15, 1945 at Jolo Island, dear son of Barney and Bertha Newmark, dear brother of Melvin and Harold Newmark, our dear brother-in-law, cousin, uncle and nephew.

Graveside service Sun., 12 noon, at Mt. Olive Cemetery. OXENHANDLER Service.


1) Before the Post Dispatch put their digital archives online recently, I only knew of the 1945 notice. I had found a copy of the form my great grandfather filled out in 1948 to order a headstone, so I had a good idea when the body was transferred, but I hadn't searched the microfilm archives yet to verify.

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