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Timeline for Moshe (Morris) Blatt 1862-1926

Timeline for 2nd great grandfather, Moshe (Morris) Blatt

1862 - Morris Blatt was born on May 1, 1862, in Losice, Mazowieckie, Poland, to Perl Kipersztok, age 26, and Yankiel Blatyta, age 25. 
1865 - Brother Yitzhak born 
1867 - Brother Nuta born 
1869 - Brother Nathan born 
1871 - Brother Aaron born 
1885 - Marries Chaia Bella Boksern 
1886 - Daughter Bryna Blanche born 
1888 - Daughter Channa/Anna born 
1890 - Immigrates to St. Louis, Missouri 
1892 - Chaia Bella dies in Poland 
1893 - Marries Mala Mollie Kellner Katz (Note: Her brother Nathan Kellner lived next door to Selig Feinstein in 1900. Selig & Morris’s children Herman and Anna would marry.) 
1894 - Son Joseph born 
1895 - Son Joseph died. 
1897 - Dry goods store burglarized 3 times 
1898 - Wife Mala files for a Passport- reason unknown 
1898 - Son Henry born 
1903 - Daughter Pearl born 
1903 - Daughter Blanche married Jacob Wyman 
1904 - Grandson Joseph Wyman born 
1905 -Grandson Louis Wyman born 
1908 - Grandson David Wyman born 
1907-1909 Residing in Mineral Wells, Texas with wife. (In 1907 Anna is with them.) 
1909 - Grandson David Wyman died 
1910 - Morris and Mala have returned to St. Louis
1910 - Grandson Sidney Wyman born 
1912 - Daughter Anna marries Herman Feinstein 
 1913 - Grandson Bernard Feinstein is born 
 1914 - Granddaughter Belle Feinstein is born 
 1914 - Granddaughter Belle Wyman is born 
 1917 - Grandson Seymour Feinstein is born 
 1926 - Morris dies on April 23, 1926.


1) I am accepting that the Moshe Blatyta born on May 1, 1862 to Yankiel & Perl was my 2nd great grandfather. Many in the Blatyta family changed their surname to Blatt. There is a small chance there were two Moshe sons of Yankiel born at a similar time. (A blog post on the records I have found.

2) Similarly I am accepting that Chaia Bella Boksern was his first wife, and my 2nd great grandmother. Though I am leaving open the possibility that a different Moshe Blatyta/Blatt married someone else. This potential second Blatt family would still somehow be related to the other Blatytas in Losice at the time, as DNA evidence confirms.

3) Besides vital records, I have not uncovered a lot of information about his life. I don't know why his wife filed for a passport (and he didn't) in 1898 - and I don't know what impact the birth of their son had on her plans. I don't know why they were living in Mineral Wells Texas in 1907-1909. In a family history interview conducted in the 1980s, my grandmother talked about her grandparents having lived in Mineral Wells for a period of time. She wasn't very clear on when it happened, but there is no question that the Blatts in the Mineral Wells City Directory is them. I don't know what impact the death of their infant grandson had on Morris and Mala's decision to return to St. Louis from Mineral Wells. However, putting all these events in the timeline does create possible hypotheses.

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