Sunday, September 28, 2008

During this Week: Sept 28-Oct 4

Birth, marriage and death anniversaries for my ancestors and their kin during the upcoming week:

George Van Every - Born Sept 28, 1888 (1st Cousin, Twice Removed)
Blanche Blatt - Born Sept 28, 1887 (2nd great aunt)
Emma Van Every - Born Oct 1, 1856 (2nd great aunt)
Caleb Horton - died Oct 3, 1702 (8th great grandfather)
Harry Cruvand - born Oct 4, 1898 (2nd cousin twice removed)
Stevan Newmark - died Oct 4, 1997 (uncle)

28th of Elul - 5th of Tishrei
Bertha Cruvant - born 1st of Tishrei 5647/5648 (Great Grandmother)

I can't use the Gregorian calendar for my great grandmother. She was born on New Year's Day on the Hebrew calendar, but she wasn't sure whether it was 1886 or 1887. If 1886 it would have been September 30th. If 1887 it would have been September 19th. It was the First of Tishrei, though, which once again falls on September 30th this year.

I have searched the St. Louis City Birth Registers for September and October from 1885 to 1888. I haven't found her. Her father is supposed to have immigrated to the US in 1885, though his first appearance in the St. Louis City City Directory is 1890. It's possible Bertha was born outside of Missouri (maybe in East St. Louis, IL). Or it's possible the Cruvants just didn't bother to register her birth. I've only found the birth registry of one of her three younger siblings - Sol, the youngest.

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