Sunday, September 7, 2008

During This Week: Sept 8-Sept 14

Thomas MacEntee at Destination: Austin Family has recently been posting daily historical births, marriages, and deaths for his family. I like this idea, however, I'm not confident I can do this daily. A weekly post seems manageable, limited to individuals who are deceased.

Sept 8th - Sept 14h

Sept 8, 1994: Death of Ida Odelson, age 88 (2nd cousin, twice removed)
Sept 11, 1951: Death of Myrtle Van Every Deutsch, age 51. (Grandmother)
Sept 14, 1914, Birth of Willard Oxenhandler (1st cousin twice removed)
Sept 14, 1933, Death of Harry Feinstein, age 49 (2nd great uncle)

So far this month
Sept 1, 1846: Birth of Samuel C Van Every (2nd great uncle)
Sept 1, 1868: Birth of Margaret Jane Denyer Vanevery (Great grandmother)
Sept 4, 2001: Death of Meyer Odelson, age 85 (2nd cousin, twice removed)
Sept 5, 1934: Death of Alvin Feinstein, age 24 (1st cousin twice Removed)

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