Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Picks

Weekly Picks for November 1 - November 7

In his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Randy Seaver at Geneamusings suggests a way to find out the worldwide distribution of a surname. From their FAQ, "All [their] names and location data are derived from publicly available telephone directories or national electoral registers, sourced for the period 2000-2005." Their data covers 26 nations across the world.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti at TracingTheTribe discusses a new study regarding the social interaction habits of those who use the internet and other digital technologies frequently. The results may not be what you expect.

NARAtions (the National Archives blog) provides information to help prepare genealogists for the 1940 census, to be released in 2012.

NARAtions also asks for suggestions on transcribing their billions of documents, and then discusses some of those suggestions.

Taneya at Taneya's Genealogy Blog discusses RSS Feeds for Rootsweb message boards.

The Ancestry Insider discusses a Genealogical Maturity Model categorizing researchers into five levels: Entry, Emerging, Practicing, Proficient, and Stellar -- and then discusses in detail the differences between each level. I think I would classify myself as Practicing.

In the News had their Initial Public Offering this week.

The governor of Massachusetts is threatening closure of the State Library. (hat tip Archives Found)

WalMart has begun selling burial caskets online.


From Derangement and Description, an archives related webcomic, So I herd you liek haikuz.

Did You Know 4.0 (hat tip Apple's Tree) [One of the early frames answers a question I was asked yesterday morning by my father - how quickly can a Google scanner scan a book? - 1000 pages an hour.]

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