Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nine Ways to Read this Blog

Below are nine ways for you to read this blog on a regular basis. Some are easier than others. I am not going to go into technical detail on how -- but I do link to explanations for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the various methods.

You can return to this website on a regular basis and see if there is an update. Typing the address into the address bar each time, or conducting a search for the blog name in your favorite search engine.

2) You can create a bookmark. (Check the menus at the top of your web browser, there is probably one that says Bookmarks or Favorites). And then click on the bookmark whenever you want to return.

3) In the upper left corner of the blog, below the masthead, you should see something that says "Email Subscriptions." Enter your email address, click on "Get Email Updates", and follow the instructions.

(If you don't see this in the upper left, you aren't on my blog. You're probably already using one of the methods described below. Follow this link)

You will receive a daily email with the latest updates. Or you can select a different delivery schedule - some more often, some less. These email subscriptions are powered by FeedBlitz.

4) Immediately below "Email Subscriptions" you see "Subscribe to my Podcast".

[If you don't see it, you skipped over #3, go back.]

Audio versions of all of my posts can be directly downloaded to iTunes, Zune, or other podcast players. These aren't me reading the posts, but a computer voice reading it. This can generate some humorous mistakes, but in general, it's pretty good. You will also miss out on the images, so Wordless Wednesday posts, for example, are a little less interesting. These audio versions are powered by Odiogo.

5) Moving down the lefthand column you see "Subscribe via RSS" and links for both my posts, and my comments. Here's some more information about RSS for those unfamiliar. And I recommend Google's Reader for those new to RSS.

6) If you are a friend on Facebook, my posts are automatically syndicated via their Notes feature. (I've noticed that I often get as many comments on my posts through Facebook as through the blog itself).

Facebook Notes does remove complicated scripts, such as embedded YouTube videos, and embedded Google Book frames. I've also noticed the spacing between paragraphs can get messed up. But text and images remain mostly the same.

My Facebook Profile

7) My posts are also syndicated on my GenealogyWise profie

8) Links to all my posts are automatically fed to my Twitter account. You can follow these links directly to my blog.

9) At AllTop's list of Genealogy Sites you can mouseover the links to my last five posts and read the beginnings of each. And then follow the link if interested in reading more.

If anyone knows any other common forms/places of syndication they wish they were able to access my blog from...let me know.

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