Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter 2010 Geneabloggers Games - Day 7

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Daily Stats: Day Seven

Category: Organize Your Research

Scanned: 65 documents (121 pages)
Total: 133 documents (259 pages)

Recovering from a cold, I stayed home from work today, and got some scanning done.  Still scanning letters my maternal grandfather, Martin Deutsch, sent my grandmother during the war. I'm up to the month of June, 1943.

This completes Task E of this category over six times, qualifying me for the 'Platinum' level, at least as I chose to interpret the rules.  I suspect I will do some more scanning during the second week, as I have a desire to complete the box of letters, but I will also focus some time on earning a second Platinum in my other category.

The below menu was enclosed in one of the letters. I believe my grandfather censored his location.

For anyone wondering -- Most of these letters will go un-transcribed, at least for now.  Though often fun to read, there isn't much genealogical information contained within them.  Though by scanning them, I will still be able to share the letters with multiple family members.


Tina Lyons said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one interpreting the rules this way. They don't say anything about the tasks completed having to be different! Great job so far!

Claudia said...

My father had said in WWII the Army would censor any of the mail that was ingoing or outgoing. They would cut out or block out items that they thought was a threat.

Sometimes things would be censored and he or my mother would have no idea why.

John said...

My grandfather was the censor; the envelopes for each of his letters bear his censor's stamp. (A few, but not all, indicate they were further examined by someone higher up. I suspect random letters were chosen to make sure the censors for each APO were doing their jobs.)

Several of his letters indicate that he couldn't say where he was. That's why I am guessing that is what was cut out from the menu.