Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter 2010 Geneabloggers Games - Days 8 and 9

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Daily Stats: Day Eight and Nine

Category: Organize Your Research

Task E: Create at least 20 data entries in your database, or scan 20 photos, or scan 20 documents.

Scanned: 28 documents (52 pages)
Total Scanned: 161 documents (311 pages)
Total Data Entries: 36

This task has been completed 9 times, so if I can scan 19 more letters, I'll have earned a "Double Platinum."

Category: Expand Your Knowledge

Task A: Use Google Maps to map out an ancestral location. Create a map that you can then embed into a blog post.

I did this on Thursday

Task D: Visit tutorial and learning pages of popular websites such as or FamilySearch’s excellent articles repository.

I have visited both. I know I will return to both, but I stayed longer in my initial visit at FamilySearch's site. I like the ability to sort all the documents by title, subject, or geographical location.

Task E: Create a surname visualization using Wordle, Word It Out or a similar application. Post the graphic to your blog.

Wordle is a fun way to visualize the relative quantities of different surnames in one's database. I last did this six months ago. But my database hasn't been stagnant. Here's what it looks like now. (click to enlarge):

By completing three tasks, I have earned a "Gold" in this category. By the end of competition on Saturday I expect to complete at least four, perhaps all five tasks.

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