Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Surname List

Below are the ancestral surnames for my wife, Jen, alphabetized, and organized by generational distance.  Similar to how I organized my ancestral surnames in a 2008 post.

1-4 Generations

Baldwin, Bauer, Blackman, Dexheimer, Fulkerson, Gober, Harrison, Mouldon, Olson, Schrock, Sheer, Taylor, Volk, Wallace

5-8 Generations

Abernathy, Armstead, Boyd, Bradley, Campbell, Cowsert, Davenport, Findley, Floyd, Hargrave, Jackson, Jernigan, Langenstein, McGinnis, Matheny, Meekin, Miller, Rolliston, Ruffert, Volckertson, Wentz, Whittmer, Wilkinson

9-12 Generations

DeWitt, Goode, Van Lieuvin, Massingale, Norgraves, Routt, Sharp, Shuttleworth, Wentworth


If you share one of these surnames, especially some of the rarer ones, we'd be interested in hearing from you.  The more surnames you share, naturally, the closer you are likely to be related.

For the first four generations, the geographical location is mostly Missouri.  Then it starts to disperse, ultimately arriving in French Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, and England.


Greta Koehl said...

Probably no connection, but I do see one name here that appears in my lines - Floyd. My Floyds were from VA>NY>IL>TX. (I also have a Finley family in Illinois that may have come from SC and married into the Floyd family).

Martin said...

Jernigan is a variant of Jarnigan which arrived to Virginia in the 17th century and has a provable Royal line. See Virginia Genealogist 50 (2006):73-4 and VG 48 (2004):163-168. The focus is Thomas Jernegan of Va., the immigrant.

John said...

Thanks. Interesting, and certainly a possibility. Like the surnames Greta mentioned, Jernigan only appears once in Jen's tree so far, as a spouse with unknown parents.

An Elizabeth Jernigan married a William Stephen Blackman. Elizabeth born 28 Dec 1784 in NC. I don't know the town, so I don't know how close to the VA border.

Most of the information that far back in the tree comes from research someone else conducted for which I don't have the backup material, so I will at some point have to reconfirm everything.

Peter said...

Thanks for the new list. I have added the DeWitt name to my blog about Dutch ancestry
It is a well known name in The Netherlands.

John said...


I've corrected the capitalization on the DeWitt surname in the post above. I've also added the "Van" to the Van Lieuvin surname, which I believe also originated in the Netherlands, perhaps under the alternate spelling of Van Leevwin.