Saturday, November 17, 2012

SNGF: 100-word challenge

Tonight's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings was based on the 100-word challenge.

The 100-word challenge is a weekly challenge given to children under the age of 16. The majority of participants appear to be from England or Australia, though there are some American youth. Last week's prompt was "Grandparents are important because."

For the SNGF challenge, Randy provided readers with the same prompt.

I didn't write a story. I wrote a poem - exactly 100 words in length, if one includes the title.

Grandparents are Important Because 

They can share the stories
of when our parents were young
and didn’t listen to what they were told.

They can also share the stories
of when they were young
and didn’t listen to what they were told.

They can teach us
the world was around long before we were,
and while we may think

everything is now different
a lot of it is still very much the same.
And while it might appear

we aren’t listening,
when we are grandparents
we’ll remember the stories,

and pass them on,
and that is why
grandparents are important.


my Heritage Happens said...

This is wonderful John! I am going to keep a copy, authored by you, if that is ok. Very nice, as I am a grandma now.

John said...

It's OK. I'm glad you like it.